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If you happen to be in Indianapolis for the Dealer Expo 2009 powersports show you should be able to check out a trio of hybrid motorcycles on display there. The bikes, said to be developed jointly by Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT) and Wuxi Angell Autocycle Co., Ltd are outfitted with lithium ion batteries that supply the power for electric-only operation at low speeds. A computer control switches on the gas engine at higher speeds to run the bike and charge the battery back up. The compani

The A-BAT hybrid concept truck that Toyota introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in January doesn't look like anything on the road today. But what would you think about seeing one of these in the rearviewmirror? Alternately, how would you feel about cruising to work in one of these small trucks? These are questions that Toyota would seriously like to know the answers to, as a post by Ian Cartabiano, Calty Project Chief Designer, on Toyota's Open Road blog makes clear.