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Rendered Speculation: Abarth Roadster stings again

The prospect of a stand-alone model from Abarth has been an on-again, off-again proposition. Currently, the revived label is backed by two models, Punto and 500, essentially upgraded performance versions of existing Fiat models. Interests were piqued, however, when the Fiat performance sub-division opened the doors on its Noah Joseph

Rendered Speculation: Abarth Coupe ala Autocar

Autocar has cooked up the latest rendering of the forthcoming Abarth Roadster, and while it keeps the basic shape of previous images, it adds a more distinct Fiat flavor to the front.

Exclusive: What's next from Alfa Romeo and Abarth

Several high-ranking executives from Alfa Romeo were keen to see how the launch of the new MiTo materialized. While they were there, we had the chance to talk with one of Alfa's top marketing officers over dinner and discuss the latest news churned out of the rumormill concerning upcoming products from Alfa and its sister-brand Abarth.

Rendered Speculation: Abarth Roadster

We've always been fond of the Smart roadster, which never officially made it to U.S. shores and proved to be a flop across the pond. But this rendering, courtesy of WorldCarFans, has us thinking that a second attempt might be worthwhile.