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An experienced cyclist's first encounter with an electrified bicycle


Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged video series has, over its many episodes, focused on vehicles of the four-wheeled variety. Now, as if in atonement, it has produced two successive shows centered on two-wheelers. From bicycles with electric assist to scooters to motorcycles, Llewellyn makes up for previous omissions, all in one two fell swoops.

Electric vehicle (EV) maker Think and Finnish production partner Valmet Automotive have long dreamed of the day when the automaker's City EV would be available to customers in Finland. First establishing a collaborative agreement back in 2009, Think and Valmet announced today that the City is now officially available in Finland.

If you would like to have your very own electric bicycle and are somewhat cinematographically-inclined have access to a video camera, you might be interested in this contest being held by Ultra Motor. It's pretty simple really. Just make a video explaining why you want, (or indeed, need) an A2B Metro for your very own, upload it to their gallery and get your friends, family or even people you randomly meet on the bus to go and vote for you. Keep it under 3 minutes, beg, plead, perhaps use your i

Good news for those folks who want a gas-free smart looking urban commuter that can take you places with or without a work out. The very cool Ultra Motor A2B electric 2-wheeler we told you about a while back is coming to America this September. Said to have the heart of a bicycle and the soul of a scooter, the German designed/Taiwan constructed machine can get you 20 miles down the road at 20 mph before the need to pedal arises. If that's just not far enough, you can add a second lithium ion bat