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Wave goodbye to the Audi A2, as the electric car concept first shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show apparently won't be making it into production. Sources have told Britain's Autocar that the lightweight Audi vehicle – originally destined to compete against the BMW i3 and the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class – was a good engineering study, but today's lackluster global EV sales are at least partially to blame for its demise.


Dr. Evil couldn't get sharks with laser beams (for a while, anyway) and we won't get an Audi electric car with them, either.

European automakers are warming up to the idea that the future involves a lot of battery-powered cars, whether they like it or not.


The jump from teaser rendering to metal was kind to the new Audi A2 concept, which debuted in Frankfurt today. The sketch looked good, but the real thing is even better, with elegant lines that flow from the headlights and then around the side. Of course, we know that what's really important here is the laser...


Audi has released the first handful of (CG-enhanced) pics of the A2 Concept bound for next week's Frankfurt Motor Show, and it's not bad – assuming you're partial to your refrigerator.


Audi just can't seem to get enough all-electric concept cars. After the e-trons of the past few years, Audi is bringing an all-electric A2 concept to the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. Instead of the quirky style of the Urban Concept, the A2 EV is a compact four-seater designed to add efficient technologies – like adaptive laser lights in the taillights – to maximize range. Think of it as a Smart Forvision that didn't get beamed down from the mothership.


The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show is nearly upon us, and concept vehicles are flying out of the ether at an ever-increasing rate. Audi has foisted the latest concept salvo upon the automotive world with its electric A2 concept. It's a compact four-seater with an eye towards tomorrow's style and long-range performance.


Over the past few years, Audi has teased us with a number of reasons to think that the automaker's next-generation A2 may be offered with an electric-only powertrain, or maybe with some type of plug-in hybrid option.

Over the past couple of years, Audi has teased us with concept cars and leaked info indicating that the automaker's next-generation A2 may be offered with an electric-only powertrain, or maybe with some type of plug-in hybrid option. Now, the rumormill is blazing with reports that the upcoming "state-of-the-art" A2 will tip the scales at under 1,800 pounds. According to Autocar's "company sources":

Remember when German automakers' line-ups were fairly straightforward? Take Audi, for example. There was the A4, the A6, and the A8. And that was pretty much it. But now there's an A1, A3, A5, A7, TT, R8, Q5, Q7...the list keeps growing. And it looks ready to keep on growing, too, as reports come in of Ingolstadt's plans to bring back the A2.

With its lightweight aluminum spaceframe and miniature luxury aspirations, the first generation Audi A2 was a vehicle a bit ahead of its time. That would make the little Audi a revolutionary vehicle were it not for the fact that customers weren't all that interested with the price premium that comes with expensive spaceframe technology, and it could be argued that the A2 wasn't all that attractive, either. See above and decide for yourselves.

The Audi Club of North America puts out a publication aptly titled the Quattro Quarterly that gives Audi owners the inside skinny on everything from future products to how to swap bigger brakes into their B5 S4. One of our intrepid readers, Kevin, sent us a few scans of the QQ's latest issue, where it outlines Audi's product plans for the next five years. While some of it has already been confirmed, other interesting factoids, including the future of the R8, RS-TT and the development of an R4, h

When Audi introduced their first generation A2 in 1999, it was designed as highly efficient but premium small car with an aluminum space frame structure. Unfortunately the car was expensive and never sold well. For 2009 they are taking another crack at an entry level model but this time the new A2 will be more basic.

Rumors are still swirling that Audi is considering a new small car, the A1. What Car? speculates that the hypothetical A1 family would be positioned below the not very successful A2, perhaps using the next generation VW Polo platform. In order to keep costs down, the A1 is expected to eschew the A2's expensive aluminum construction and quattro all-wheel drive will likely not be an option.

The Case family, on their recent trip to the UK, had a chance to check out some European cars which, unlike in the U.S., "small" was not synonymous with "economical" and "cheap".