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A123 Systems had a tough second quarter with an increased loss and the loss of potential business with Chrysler. A123 had been named by Chrysler as its electric vehicle battery supplier early in 2009. Unfortunately, Chrysler's ENVI division was dissolved late last year following the company's bankruptcy process and Fiat canceled most of the electric vehicle projects. A123 was to have supplied batteries for the planned Fiat 500 EV, but Chrysler has reportedly brought in another supplier. That oth

Electric vehicle infrastructure provider Better Place has concluded a three-month field test in Tokyo to prove its battery swapping technology works as promised. In cooperation with Nissan and battery supplier A123 System, three Rogue crossovers were converted to electric drive and given replaceable batteries. The battery-powered Rogues were used as taxis in the Japanese capital and had their 17 kilowatt-hour batteries replaced several times a day. In the test form, the Rogue EV has a real world

We've witnessed repair trucks parked curbside idling away for hours spewing emissions while workers perform tasks. In fact, this apparent waste of fuel happens all too often, doesn't it? It's not that the workers are mistakenly leaving the trucks running, it's that the diesel engine provides power to the tools needed to perform repair tasks. So, is there any way to avoid running the engine for hours on end yet still accomplish the necessary work? You bet there is, and Eaton Corp., along with A12

Massachusetts-based A123 Systems has been one of the rising stars of the lithium battery field in the last several years. In spite of that, the company that was started by a team of MIT researchers has struggled to raise cash to manufacture automotive cells in the United States.

At the same time that A123 Systems was announcing its deal to supply lithium ion batteries to Fisker Automotive last week, the Massachusetts-based company announced a major expansion of its production capacity. A123 already has one plant running in Novi, MI, (northwest of Detroit) and there is a second, larger, 300,000 square facility due to open in the middle of this year in Livonia, MI. A third factory – similar in size to the Livonia plant – will begin construction later this year

A123 Systems has garnered plenty of attention for its lithium ion battery technology over the last several years, mostly here in the United States. The Massachusetts-based startup has now formed a partnership with IHI to market its batteries in Japan, a market that already has a number of domestic suppliers. According to IHI, it favors the A123 batteries because they are lower in cost.

Massachusetts-based battery maker A123 Systems finally completed its initial public offering on Thursday. The lithium ion start-up offered 28,180,501 shares of its common stock at an opening price of $13.50 a share. Apparently, traders on the Nasdaq exchange thought the price was too low and quickly bid it up to a first day closing price of $20.29 a share, a healthy 50-percent gain. For those interested in following the stock, it is listed under the ticker symbol AONE on the NASDAQ listings.

It looks like Ford won't be the only company getting lithium ion battery packs from Magna International. The Magna Steyr division of the supplier announced last week that it will begin production of packs at its plant in Graz, Austria next month. The packs will be supplied to Volvo for use in its buses, heavy duty trucks and garbage trucks equipped with hybrid powertrains. Volvo uses a parallel hybrid system for its vehicles.

With the closing of the latest round of private fund raising, Massachusetts-based A123 Systems now has an extra $69 million in the bank. General Electric put up $15 million of that amount, bringing its ownership stake in the advanced battery startup to more than 10 percent, the single largest shareholding. This latest funding round comes just one week after Chrysler announced that A123 Systems would be its first primary supplier of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles. China's SAIC also a

A123 Systems announced today that it has applied for $1.84 billion in loans from the Department of Energy to help contribute to the $2.3 billion required to pay for the construction of battery plants in the United States. In what should be good news for Michigan, the first of the facilities A123 is planning would be located there. If A123 gets the funds, it plans to have enough cell manufacturing capacity in place by 2013 to support 5 million hybrid vehicles or half a million battery electric ve

At least a few dozen people around the country have now done one-off conversions of hybrids like the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape to transform them into plug-in vehicles. For those who may not have the hardware hacker gene in their DNA, the first commercially available plug-in conversion kit is now on the market from A123 Systems subsidiary HyMotion. Popular Mechanics Detroit Editor Larry Webster recently had the chance to sample a converted Prius with the HyMotion kit for a couple of days. The

Most of the rumors in recent months have indicated that LG Chem/CPI have the upper hand and are likely to be chosen by General Motors to supply the lithium ion battery packs for the Chevrolet Volt. However, there are plenty of electric drive vehicle projects out there and just because A123 systems may not get the Volt business, it doesn't mean they are completely out. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Massachusetts based battery maker may be in the running to supply energy storage sy

At a preview of GM's 2009 model year lineup yesterday in Jolliet IL, Bob Lutz revealed that the production supplier for the Chevy Volt battery has been selected. Unfortunately, the GM Vice Chairman would not say which of the development suppliers had been selected. Two partnerships have been supplying prototype batteries to GM for the E-Flex program since late in 2007. LG Chem and its U.S. subsidiary Compact Power Inc have long been considered to be the leaders in the race to supply the most cri

Just last week we found out that lithium ion battery maker A123 Systems had filed the first batch of paperwork required for it to make an initial public stock sale. Having tried to read through a few of these kinds of filings in the past, we took a pass this time around. Fortunately our friends at GreenTechMedia waded into these waters and noticed some interesting items. Since companies have to disclose all sorts of information about risks and benefits they face when going public, A123 discussed

Many of you who have been pestering us in the comments for the past couple of years about wanting to invest in A123 Systems and you may now have your chance. A123 is the Massachusetts based company that has developed a lithium ion battery chemistry based on nano particle iron phosphate. A123 has two deals to provide development batteries for GM's Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid and Chevrolet Volt ER-EV as well as a deal with Norwegian EV maker Th!nk. The startup battery company has filed the initial

Later today, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is expected to take delivery of three newly-converted plug-in Toyota Priuses. The cars will be used by the city and county for official business. The conversions were done by the crew at Pat's Garage in San Francisco using a kit from Hymotion. Hymotion was bought last year by lithium ion cell supplier A123 Systems. Hymotion claims their system can provide 30 miles of electric range for a Prius although the car's powertrain hasn't been modified. Getti

A123 Systems may be picking up another customer for their lithium ion batteries. Renault and Nissan, which up until now had been working with batteries from Nissan's partnership with NEC, are considering cells from the Massachusetts based supplier. A123 has a partnership with Continental to supply development batteries for the Chevy Volt program and another with Cobasys for the plug-in hybrid Saturn Vue. Nissan has said that they are considering using batteries from different suppliers for diffe

Our friend Lyle over GM-Volt.com has a couple of new stories up that deserve a little clarification. For those unfamiliar with the site, it's content is pretty self explanatory from the title. There is usually a pretty lively discussion going on there regarding the most anticipated new car from Detroit in many a year. First up is the issue of the first battery pack delivery from Continental/A123. LG Chem/CPI have already delivered two packs to GM's battery lab. GM had hoped to receive the first

General Motors is not the only transportation company getting lithium ion batteries from A123 Systems. The Massachusetts-based battery developer has inked a deal to supply battery packs to Cessna. Cessna will use the lithium packs replace current lead acid and nickel cadmium starter batteries on the Citation business jets. The lithium packs will be designed as drop-in replacements for the current units that provide power to start the jet engines and auxiliary power units. The first units will de