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The A-BAT hybrid concept truck that Toyota introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in January doesn't look like anything on the road today. But what would you think about seeing one of these in the rearviewmirror? Alternately, how would you feel about cruising to work in one of these small trucks? These are questions that Toyota would seriously like to know the answers to, as a post by Ian Cartabiano, Calty Project Chief Designer, on Toyota's Open Road blog makes clear.

We've seen the first batch of pictures with the preview, the video and now we can go on A-Bat overload. Toyota has just released a slew of pictures of the A-Bat hybrid truck concept that will be on the stand at the Detroit Auto Show in the very near future. The bed of the unique-looking A-Bat can be extended from four to eight feet, but the part we like is the Hybrid Synergy Drive with a four-cylinder gas engine. We'll know more about the powertrain when we get to Detroit. For now, these 59 imag