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Over the weekend we experienced one whole minute of the future. There weren't hoverboards or McFly Nikes, just two Tesla Model S Betas. The Beta model represents roughly 90% of the production Model S.

A few years ago, former Marine and Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers could've never imagined his company would design and build a fully-equipped military machine in just a few short months. Normally, those things take lots of time--major car companies spend millions of dollars and up to seven years to take an idea from the sketchpad to the dealership--but not Local Motors. To be equipped for the future one must be adaptable. Change: it's the premise upon which president Obama campaigned in '08 and the

We first showed you Ford's commitment to "intelligent" vehicles that talk to one another to avoid accidents (Vehicle-to-Vehicle or V2V) a few months ago, but today we got to experience the technology first hand.

Add Ford to the list of automakers possibly sporting digital LCD gauges in their upcoming models. We noticed this digital cluster while riding in a Ford Escape Hybrid during a tech demo at Ford's Product Development Center. The demo didn't involve the digital gauges and the Ford spokesperson who we were riding with was unable to provide more information when questioned about the display. We reached out to Ford, who said that this was a test vehicle and would not confirm if the digital cluster

We like to think that most of the vehicles and gadgets we feature on TRANSLOGIC are fit for a Bond movie. Well, this high-tech pontoon actually was...sort of. The oblique Navy "Sea Shadow" inspired the stealth ship piloted by the evil Steve Jobs lookalike Elliot Carver from 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies. Unfortunately, appearing in a Brosnan-era Bond flick doesn't always ensure later success. The Sea Shadow is set to be decommissioned and destroyed. The Navy offered it up for donation, but no suit

Can you envision what the world will be like in 40 years? I mean, that's a long time from now. The internet has only been popular for 15 years and look what it has become. Even if it looks crazy, there's no one better than Airbus to tell us what the future of air travel might look like.

Part rollercoaster, part futuristic transportation, Edward, or Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping, is an engineering project with the potential to make it to the streets someday. And the best part is that Edward is entirely electric.

Who said you can't have an iPhone-like experience in your car? Many carmakers have tried to make it easy to integrate smartphones into car infotainment, but most produce a somehow flawed experience. That notion can be put to rest today with the release of Pioneer's new AppRadio.

You can't have the world's largest self-anchored suspension (SAS) bridge without the world's largest bridge cable saddle. The newly constructed east span of the Bay Bridge (which connects San Francisco to Oakland, CA) extends 2,047 ft, from the Yerba Buena Island to a skyway which leads to shore. More so than its size, it's the bridge's single-cable design which makes it unique. The mile-long cable is led twice over top a single tower, held in place by the colossal cable saddle that crews instal

Thanks to the Automotive X-Prize, the Monotracer E has been getting a lot of attention. And rightly so. The X-Tracer team won the Alternative Tandem category with a vehicle very similar to the Monotracer E. As the winner of an X-Prize, the team was invited to the SEMA show in Las Vegas and rather than trailer their two-wheeled champ to Sin City, they actually drove it round-trip. 625 miles later, the team claimed to only consume a paltry $5 worth of electricity.

In order to understand the Uno, you have to know a little more about its creator Ben Gulak. He's clearly a smart guy, particularly considering he conceived and built early Uno prototypes when he was still in high school. Early experiments resulted in small fires, but that wasn't a deterrent. Brad Legault, a former computer and math teacher of Ben's said, "His greatest strength in school was always his creativity, followed closely by his perseverance."

It's happened to every bicyclist on the planet. You're out for a ride or running an errand and your tire goes flat, your chain falls off or your seat drops down to the stays. Naturally, you don't have any tools in your hipster cape. But if you're fortunate enough to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a quick fix could be right around the corner.

The Grace Pro race might be the Terminator's moped, but its price seemed to be adjusted for a post-apocalyptic 2029. So Grace set out to create a new version that's more assessable to the masses with a sticker that's nearly half of the original.

Mercedes-Benz came up with an eye-catching idea to show off its Pre Safe system. It's one part art installation and one part advertisement, and it could be coming to a wall near you.

If you're in the market for an electrically-assisted bicycle, you've got several options, but the majority look like backyard engineering experiments. And that's because, for the most part, they are.

Our friend Wes Siler drops the knowledge on racer Chris Yates' conversion of a formerly gas-powered Suzuki GSX-R600 into a 194-horsepower, KERS-equipped electric superbike. Siler geeks out on the details on how Yates performed the conversion, what hurdles stood in his way and how he fared against the Ducatis, KTMs and Hondas that dominate the world of Super Bike racing. Check it out in the link below.

TomTom claims that its new HD Traffic map is the most accurate in the world. Too bad it's limited to 18 countries and the U.S. isn't one of them.

The crew from TabletMonsters inadvertently discovered that tethering a WiFi-only iPad 2 to an iPhone 4's data connection provides a GPS signal to the iPad. Nifty. But we wanted to know if it works with the original iPad.

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