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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is ready to help vets in a wide variety of situations, but it unfortunately does not have a program that guarantees auto loans.

Every state except New Hampshire requires you to have insurance to drive, and New Hampshire requires auto insurance unless you show you have sufficient financial assets to pay for any accident you cause.

There's a huge difference between riding a motorcycle and driving a car, so it shouldn't be too surprising the way they are insured is different, too.

Whether you're driving a car you own or a rental, you're required to have car insurance in Washington, D.C. and every state except New Hampshire.

Unless you're driving a $500 clunker, you're probably paying more for your car insurance than you would like.

When you're involved in car accident, your first reaction after the dust settles might be to take a deep breath and be thankful that you have insurance.

The concept of commercial ride-sharing has exploded in recent years.

Auto insurance rate increases may seem to come out of the blue. What happened? Was it something you did?

Owning a brand new car is a great feeling, especially if you haven't had that pleasure before. Like a new baby, you'll want to nurture and protect it to make sure it stays as new looking as possible for as long as possible.

Nobody wants to spend more at the pump than they have to, but many drivers don't realize all the little things they can do — both behind the wheel and as part of routine maintenance — to ease the financial sting when they fill up.

Everyone who has owned a car knows that the price of driving doesn't stop when you leave the dealership.

When it's time to negotiate a lease on new car, few items appear quite as mysterious as the money factor.

The amount of your down payment plays an important part in the total financial calculus of buying a car.

Shopping for a new ride at a dealership involves more than just kicking tires.

Unlike most purchases, buying your first car usually involves some negotiations over price.

Buying a car for the first time can be both emotional and exciting.

When it comes to buying a first car, most people research various models and prices, figure out which cars fit in their budget, and then take a few for a test drive.

The process of buying a car is the same, whether it's your first time or your 20th.

Car Buying

There are many tools available to arm you to get the best deal

The key to getting a good deal is to put aside your emotions and focus on the hard realities of the deal. After all, buying a car is the second-largest financial commitment - after purchasing a home - most people will make. The good news is there are many tools available to arm you with the information and strategy you need to arrive at the best deal.

Buying a first car brings feelings of pride, freedom and accomplishment, but also an aspect of financial concern because your first car is likely one of the biggest purchases you've made so far in your life.