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If you're on an Android 2.1 device with Google Maps, it might be hard to justify spending $9.99 a month on another navigation app. Verizon knows this, so it shot its VZ Navigator app full of features that would make TomTom and Garmin blush.

Automakers spend just as much time crafting the insides of their concepts as the outside. But one aspect of the interior that's often overlooked is the gauges and instruments. Not so with Lotus.

If you've snagged an iPad or Galaxy Tab, or plan to pick up one of the eleventeen quadrillion Android tablets that debuted at CES, you might have an unloved netbook collecting dust in the corner. Nobody puts ACER in a corner! So if you're looking for a weekend project, here's a suggestion: port your netbook's audio into your car stereo, connect it to a wireless network and use Dropbox to sync your tunes on the go.

Force = mass x acceleration. If you think back to freshman physics, that's the basic formula that determines how much energy is being exerted on an object when it's struck by something in motion. Catch a baseball and you can feel the force striking the palm of your hand. That pain is wasted energy, and in the world of hybrids – from cars to trains – it's energy that could be harnessed, saved and deployed later on. That's what GE is trying to demonstrate with the video below, calculat

MacWorld last reviewed all the available navigation apps for iOS in December of 2009 and since then we've not only seen more apps hit the market (and several die off), but Apple's released a new phone with a new processor and a revised OS that allows some measure of background processes and fast app switching.