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A Saab owner attending the 2008 Saab Owner's Convention posted a recap of the events at Trollhattan Saab (which we thought was defunct, but if not, we're glad it's back). One of the most noteworthy events was something on which he barely commented: a sketch of the new 9-5. Saab has been threatening for a while to start incorporating Aero X cues into its vehicles, and this could be it.

In the theory and speculation department, the blokes at Auto Express have summoned up some Photochops of what they believe the next Saab 9-5 is going to look like. Bob Lutz is already on record saying that the the spectacular Aero X concept will be lending styling cues (front end, wraparound windscreen, etc.) to future Saab products, and the Auto Express renderings obviously take that into account.