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Watch how HRE makes its newest 3D-printed titanium wheel

This represents the second-generation of the company's technology

This represents the second-generation of the company's technology.

Ford claims this is the largest metal 3D-printed functional auto part in history

Specially made for Ken Block's Hoonitruck

Specially made for Ken Block's Hoonitruck

Bugatti speeds up testing on its 3D-printed titanium brake caliper

The disc gets as hot as 1,877 degrees Fahrenheit

The disc gets as hot as 1,877 degrees Fahrenheit.

HRE reveals byzantine, 3D-printed titanium wheels

Partnership with GE aims to show the future of wheel technology

Partnership with GE aims to show the future of wheel technology.

VW plans to use 3D printing for mass production

The German manufacturer says it's only 2-3 years away

The German manufacturer says it's only 2-3 years away.

Future GM parts could look pretty freaky

Software-developed designs will be lighter and stronger, though

Car companies are looking for every possible way to eke out a few more miles per gallon these days, some of which involve high-tech combustion, and some others involve ultra-mild hybrid systems. But one generally accepted move is to remove weight, which helps both in efficiency and performance. General Motors has revealed a new technology that may become commonplace for shaving off a few pounds here and there, and the results are pretty freaky-looking.

Bugatti Chiron to get 3D-printed titanium brake calipers

They're both stronger and lighter.

They look pretty awesome, too.

Mini Yours parts-ordering service lets you personalize your car

Mini owners will be able order customized parts through an online configurator.

Mini owners will be able to create their own colors, texts and even their own signatures using an online configurator.

Michelin unveils Vision 3D-printed, recyclable, biodegradable concept tire

It's a convergence of technologies Michelin is researching.

Made from sustainable materials and inspired by nature, it's a futuristic wheel and tire in one.

McLaren's F1 team will 3D print parts trackside

Need a new rear wing flap? No problem.

It allows quick modifications and weight savings.

BMW i Ventures invests in 3D printing startup Desktop Metal

This technology could provide BMW with 'freedom of design and mass customization.'

BMW adds to its list of future-focused startup investments.

Honda's 3D-printed customizable EV has motorcycle bones

Adorable birdie motif optional.

It even moves.

Prague startup touts 4ekolka, a 3D-printed electric city car

Printed EV can go as far as 124 miles on a full electric charge.

Automaker startup produces prototype for $12,000 and is testing it on Prague's streets.

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Researchers find roller coasters are great for knocking loose kidney stones

With the help of a roller coaster and a 3D printed model of a full kidney, a team of medical researchers may have recently discovered why roller coasters cause people to pass kidney stones. According to Gizmodo, the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association published a study this month by Michigan State University urologist David D. Wartinger and his team of researchers which presented evidence that riding moderate-intensity roller coasters can trigger the passage of small kidney stones.

We drive a 3D-printed utility vehicle that can power a home | Translogic 203

Translogic host Jonathon Buckley heads to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee to drive the 3D-Printed Utility Vehicle created by the US Department of Energy. It was developed alongside a 3D-printed home, and the two can share battery energy.

3D-printed car parts are now a real thing

Daihatsu teams up with 3D printing company Stratasys for custom panels

If you want your Daihatsu to look like the surface of the moon, you got it.

Oak Ridge scientists built interconnected 3D printed house and car

Car Has 35-Mile Single-Charge Range, House Is Kind Of Small

House, car transfer electricity via wireless, inductive charging.

Now you can 3D print your favorite new Ford

Print Your Very Own F-150, Focus, Fiesta, Or Shelby GT350

Ford is now offering digital files for 3D printouts of its F-150, Shelby GT350, Focus, and Fiesta models.

Toyota getting into 3D printing with i-Road in Tokyo

Finding Really Tight Parking Spaces Also Part Of Promotion

Toyota's i-Road electric concept vehicle contest includes a chance to 3D-print panels.

Edag planning this lightweight backlit-fabric sports car for Geneva

At the Geneva Motor Show this year EDAG Engineering showed off its Genesis Cockpit concept. Built with a 3D printing technique called "fused deposition modeling," it was a skeletal passenger cell suspended inside a protective shell. At next year's Geneva show EDAG will present another take on the natural forms combined with 3D printing with its Light Cocoon concept (click the image to enlarge).

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