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The teams reportedly went separate ways after agreeing on basics

Toyota Supra assistant chief engineer says the teams haven't spoken with each other in four years.

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Toyota is hush on specs, but the car is plenty of fun behind the wheel

Toyota is hush on in-progress specifications, but the car offers plenty of fun behind the wheel.


'It will be the most fun-to-drive car in its class'

"It will be the most fun-to-drive car in its class."

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Production interior won't stray far from the BMW Z5, by the looks of it

Production interior won't stray far from the BMW Z5, by the looks of it.


Yep, it's still camouflaged

Yep, it's still camouflaged.


It's also going up the hill at Goodwood

It's also going up the hill at Goodwood.

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Renderings show the new Z4 undisguised

Here's what the 2019 BMW Z4 will look like, seen through a patent office's eyes.


Toyota once again attempts to build a fun car.

"As we started, we made sure to listen to the Supra fan base in the U.S."


Look for a low center-of-gravity and a 50:50 weight distribution.

The car will share much with the new BMW Z4.


The final production car won't look much different

GR stands for Gazoo Racing.

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Even more photos of the production-ready car

We get a good look at the tail end.


Plus: How excited should we be about the upcoming Toyota Supra?

From crossovers to sportscars ... and the contents of a long-forgotten storage unit.

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The 2019 Toyota Supra is quickly being revealed before its Geneva Motor Show Debut

A Supra forum got a photo of a barely disguised new generation Toyota Supra before the car's Geneva debut


A Bimmerpost user claims the coming Toyota Supra will be a Toyota in name and design only, using BMW interior parts, trim materials, and colors.


The Supra will show in production form at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show and be sold as a Gazoo Racing product, not as a Toyota.

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While leaked documents indicate there may be no manual transmission option.

Up to 335 horsepower from a turbocharged V6 is great, but we'd really love to shift for ourselves.

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SupraMKV.com showed off their renderings of the 2019 Toyota Supra.


Renderings show the full potential for Toyota's sports car.

The production-spec Supra will be a stunner.