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2018 VW Atlas SEL V6 Quick Spin Review

Great packaging let down by a goofy ride

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is a strange beast. It's both exactly what the company needs in the U.S. marketplace right now, and it's also a crossover that leaves us a bit cold. Crossovers aren't exactly a genre that engenders a great deal of passion in buyers concerned with practicalities, like fuel economy, interior storage, and safety. But the Atlas is more passionless than most, a strange turn for Volkswagen, a company whose most pedestrian vehicles have had some baked-in European goodness. Tha

Quick Spin
2018 Volkswagen Atlas | Drivers' Notes

This is the right model for Volkswagen at just the right time.

First Drive
2018 Volkswagen Atlas priced right for the midsize SUV segment

It's one of the most affordable three-rows available.

The top range model gets Volkswagen's venerable VR6 six-cylinder.

First Drive
VW Atlas base price will start near $30,000

Coming to dealers in May 2017.

Expect a loaded, all-wheel-drive V6 model to cost around $48,000.

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2018 Volkswagen Atlas R-Line | Autoblog Minute

Volkswagen's three-row Atlas SUV will be available with the R-Line trim.

The super-sized Atlas isn't the three-row VW should build

Following the market is the opposite of what made VW's historical successes.

The Beetle, Microbus, and Golf were fresh ideas. The Atlas is just a copycat.

This is how VW designed the Atlas SUV specifically for America

When building a car for America, you can't design it for Europe.