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Long Term
2018 Ford Mustang GT Long-Term Wrap-Up | All the pretty horses

We say so long and farewell to our Fury Orange pony car

We say so long and farewell to our Fury Orange pony car.

Long Term
Track Test
2018 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2 Review | Busting out of the stable

Here's what the $6,500 upgrade gets you on the track

We get it. Superfans only want to hear about the yin versus yang. iPhone versus Android. Batman versus Superman. The Ford Mustang versus its Bizarro World twinsie/frenemy, the Chevy Camaro.

2018 Ford Mustang design breakdown: How it got that sleek new look

All the parts that make it seem longer, lower, angrier

As time marches on, even icons needs a little nip and tuck now and then. Such was the case for the 2018 Ford Mustang, which, three years removed from the biggest update ever made to a Mustang (independent rear suspension, finally!), received a restyling to keep it looking fresh. The results felt controversial at first blush, but as reality set in and we've started seeing the stallions in the wild, it now seems like a natural progression of the pony car.

Long Term
2018 Ford Mustang GT Drivers' Notes Review | Straight outta Michigan

America's pony car is better than ever

Our new long-term 2018 Ford Mustang GT has been in our hands for just a few days, but we've already tacked a few thousand miles on to the odometer. Unlike most of our test vehicles, Ford allowed us to option the car ourselves. We then let you, our faithful audience, choose most of the features for us. You can read all about it in our introductory post. At $51,470, our car isn't cheap, but it does com

Long Term
2018 Ford Mustang GT Long-Term Review | Introduction

Our Orange Fury pony car is finally here

When Ford offered Autoblog the chance to spec out our own 2018 Ford Mustang, we jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn't want some extended seat time in the latest version of the original pony car? After waiting out the long, cold winter (and a pre-delivery mishap that required the repainting of a bumper), our new Mustang is finally here.

Ford Mustang fans refuse to let a little snow spoil a birthday party

Ford hosted a cars and coffee at World Headquarters

The Ford Mustang turns 54 today. Despite being well into middle age, passion for the Mustang and all its variants and offshoots has never been stronger. Sure, the sales figures can tell you a lot. Ford sold 125,809 last year, more than any other sports coupe in the world. But that number doesn't say it all. Really, it takes just one visit to your local cars and coffee or a snowy celebration at Ford

Quick Spin
2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Quick Spin Review | MagneRide is a must-have

GT 350's magnetic dampers transform and improve four-cylinder 'Stang

Happy Mustang Day! On April 17, 1964, the original pony car was introduced to the world and phenomena was born. So, in honor of one of the greatest American cars that ever was and continues to be, let's take a quick spin in the latest version, the 2018 Ford Mustang that received a number of key updates this year.

Ford Shelby GT500 could debut next month in Chicago - UPDATE

This is a 700-plus horsepower Ford Mustang

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat better watch its back.

Bullitt Mustang might be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson

First 50th-anniversary car could sell for charity associated with Steve McQueen

The car doesn't have any images, nor much identifying information.

Spy Shots
2018 Ford Bullitt Mustang maybe-possibly spied filming commercial

A user on Mustang6G.com spotted the car.

The car does look like a Bullitt Mustang.

First Drive
Custom Mustang-palooza headed to Ford's SEMA booth

Ford's got big Mustang plans for SEMA, including seven customs from seven tuners.

2018 Ford Mustang EPA ratings improve — except for EcoBoost with Performance Pack

Mileage numbers go down for that configuration.

Mileage numbers go down for that configuration.

Ford Mustang may soon have Chevy Camaro 1LE-like performance pack

This would be even more extensive than the current performance pack.

The car will be far more track-focused.

2018 Ford Mustang GT is more fuel efficient than last year's

More powerful and more efficient, sounds good to us

Save gas while going faster.

How the Autoblog staff would configure a 2018 Ford Mustang

There's a new Ford Mustang hitting the roads for 2018, so the Autoblog staff decided to take some time and make some custom build configurations.

2018 Ford Mustang GT's extra power costs extra cash

But the EcoBoost entry price drops slightly.

Ford announces pricing with configuration tool.

2018 Ford Mustang GT has more horsepower than Chevy Camaro SS

Ford says one configuration will do 0-to-60 in under 4 seconds.

It can also do a 60 mph sprint in under 4 seconds.

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