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Happy New Year 2015 from Autoblog!

Happy New Year, Autoblog faithful! From all of us editors, we're wishing you a happy and healthy 2015.

2015 Nissan Leaf gets B mode standard, new MorningSky Blue color

The Nissan Leaf is getting a few updates for the 2015 model year, some functional, some purely aesthetic. The appearance options will be made available later than the rest, and include a new exterior color called MorningSky Blue, as well as standard 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels for the SV trim level.

Stop-start standard in four-cylinder 2015 Chevrolet Impala

But Chevy Discontinuing More Efficient Mild-Hybrid eAssist Model

Chevrolet has announced that it will include stop-start technology as standard in the entry level 2015 Impala. The result is a nearly five-percent improvement in city fuel economy, also known as one mile per gallon, up to 25 mpg, combined.

On eve of hydrogen-friendly LA Auto Show, Ghosn says infrastructure not ready by 2015

The long-running joke is that, "hydrogen is the fuel of the future, and it always will be." But at the Los Angeles Auto Show and Tokyo Motor Show this week, Honda and Toyota are both showing off H2-powered concept vehicles that foreshadow production models coming around 2015. Toyota has the Sebastian Blanco

Geely to release models developed with Volvo in 2015

Geely and Volvo will finally team up for a jointly developed vehicle, more than three years after the safety-minded Swedish brand was gobbled up by Geely's parent company, according to a report in Automotive News Europe. The st

2015 Chevy Volt will get new GM platform

Think of it as a recharge for the best-selling plug-in vehicle in the U.S.

Next Mazda MX-5 Miata to get Mini-like levels of customization

Much is expected of the next-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata, primarily significant weight savings and a bit more power. The new roadster will be co-developed with Alfa Romeo as part of a Jonathon Ramsey

2015 Toyota Prius rumors start flowing

Toyota has already picked the low-hanging fruit when it comes to boosting the Prius hybrid's fuel economy. But the Japanese automaker's planning on climbing a little further up that tree.

Next Ford Mustang rendered... again

It's a long ride into 2015, and you can expect it to be filled with seemingly endless speculations and renderings, all surrounding the next-generation Ford Mustang. Inside Line hass pieced together the information it has managed to gathered so far and produced a rendering that, if not for the Evos concept, would be considered not

Mazda to offer hybrids and EVs by 2015, bring new engine tech to Tokyo Auto Show

As late as last year, Mazda declared it wouldn't offer alternative powertrains in order to meet its goal of reducing the fuel economy of its vehicles by 30% by 2015. Now, Mazda CEO Takashi Yamanouchi has announced the automaker will begin offering both hybrids and electric vehicles in the future, but would only say that the vehicles would be in the Mazda line-up come 2015.

Corvette C7 put on indefinite hold

According to multiple unnamed sources speaking with Autoweek, General Motors has put its plans for a C7 Corvette on "indefinite hold, with no official or set timetable." That's a pretty broad admission, but not entirely surprising considering the financial issues plaguing GM, the rest of the domestics and the world as a whole.

New CO2 limits for 2015 instead?

Photo of the European Parliament published under the GNU Documentation License

GM: by 2015, one-third of our US car sales will be hybrids, and the V-8 engine will quasi-disappear

What will you be driving in 2015? If you only drive GM vehicles, there's a one in three chance it'll be a hybrid, according to a report from Bloomberg. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said, "around 2015 we're going to have to sell a ton of hybrids whether people want them or not." Lutz added, "it's basically going to result in the quasi-disappearance of V-8 engines." Lutz explained that the increase in sales of hybri

Europe decides to push forward with carbon capture

Carbon capture is here and the EU is trying hard to push it forward. In an article published by economy newspaper Cinco Días, it's explained that the big problem is overcoming the high costs associated with the process. It's estimated that reducing 80 to 90 percent of the CO2 emissions from a power plant increases the price of energy 35 to 85 percent. Experts mentioned by the newspaper state that a reasonable target for 2020 is making carbon capture affordable at 20 to 30 EUR per ton.