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Since the Audi R8 launched back in 2008, Audi has done a great job of keeping its mid-engine supercar fresh. Between the V10, the Spyder and the GT models, it seems like there has been something new added to the R8 every year. The 2013 model year is going to bring more of the same. More than just an updated look, though, Audi engineers made sure to fine tune the R8's performance, and Audi has released a video showing exactly what goes into making improvements to a car like the R8.


It's hard to believe that Audi launched the R8 a full seven years ago. Since that time, the automaker has kept the two-seat sports car fresh with several changes including the addition of the roofless Spyder, an optional V10 and the sportier GT model, but now Audi has determined that it's finally time for the model's first full-on refresh. Today, Audi revealed the revamped 2013 R8 lineup, highlighted by subtle styling changes, a seven-speed S-tronic transmission (no more dreadful R-tronic!) and