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The automaker's Uconnect system is a great solution to end distracted driving

AOL Autos set out in January 2012 to name our first ever Technology of the Year Winner. And we are happy to announce that Chrysler's upgraded Uconnect system introduced in the 2013 Ram 1500 and Dodge Viper, and soon to be rolled into the rest of the Chrysler-Ram-Dodge-Jeep lineup, won over both our judging panel, as well as out consumer voters.


The first annual AOL Autos Technology of the Year Award has been won by Chrysler's upgraded UConnect system.

Our sister site, AOL Autos, has been working hard all year to collect and narrow down this year's most interesting and innovative automotive technologies into six finalists for its inaugural Technology of the Year Award.

We are asking our readers to be one of our judges when we make our final selection

New vehicles today come with more new technology than ever before: systems that try to make our smartphones and MP3 players work seamlessly by voice command with car stereos, tech that keeps us from crashing and systems that even nudge us awake if we doze.

State-of-the-art system feels like running an iPad

At first sitting, the Cadillac CUE system was shocking in the XTS. After all, this car replaced the DTS and STS sedans, whose average age buyer was north of 60 years old.

Simple idea and flawless execution makes Nissan's tire system a fan favorite

Some new and emerging technology costs thousands of dollars to install in a car, and can be more distracting than helpful. And then there are brilliant strokes of simple genius. The Nissan Tire Pressure Alert & Refill System is just such a technology. It is so simple that we even hesitate to call it "tech." Perhaps that's the beauty of it.

An upgrade on an existing idea turned Honda's system from commodity to unique

Lane-departure warning systems have appeared on the offerings of almost every carmaker over the past few years. But Honda, with its new LaneWatch™ system, has added a new technology that's different than most of those systems, and perhaps ahead of the pack.

App-based connectivity is a must-have tool for Ford's EVs

Managing one's fitness schedule and calorie burn via smartphone app makes sense and is becoming more common. We can set our digital-video-recorders via app, and control our home thermostats the same way.

The addition of Google Street View makes Audi the best choice for urban driving

Audi connect was not new for 2012, but the addition of Google Earth imaging into the system is an upgrade that was met with nearly unanimous votes from the Technology of the Year judging panel.

Breadth of connectivity services and superb execution makes Uconnect a finalist and model for industry

The pickup truck for many is really a rolling office. That's why Chrysler and Sprint chose the redesigned 2013 Ram 1500 as one of the vehicles to debut a new connectivity system -- Uconnect Access.


Brenna Dunn, a student at CCS, created the winning design

In two short weeks, the six finalists for the first-ever AOL Autos Technology Of The Year award will be named during an event at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Nov. 28. In the meantime, here's a glimpse of the hardware the winner will be receiving.


With in-car technology coming fast and furious at this week's North American International Auto Show and the Consumer Electronics Show, it seems like the perfect week for AOL Autos, Autoblog, Translogic and Engadget to announce a new "Technology of the Year" Award program that will reward the best purveyors of new tech, and serve as a useful hub of info for our readers.