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Automotive News reports Honda is currently limiting shipments of models like the Fit, CR-Z and Insight due to Japan's strong yen. The automaker admits it is currently losing money on every Japanese-built model it sells in the U.S. with the exchange rate currently at 80 yen per dollar. Honda is currently working to move more production to North America and source more components from this side of the Pacific, though such a shift will take time. In the interim, the manufacturer is carefully alloca


As part of the change from the 2010 to 2011 model years, the Honda Insight lost a few creature comforts but but also went down in price. For the 2012 change-over, the car underwent a slightly more important change: one more mile per gallon, no matter which drive cycle you're talking about. The Insight goes from 40/43/41 (city/highway/combined) miles per gallon for the 2011 model up to 41/44/42 mpg for the 2012. Honda brags that the Insight offers the "highest fuel economy of any new vehicle unde


The Honda Insight is a hatchback with its spirit in the right place, but everything else about it has practically no spirit at all. Honda has finally seen to its lackluster hybrid by tweaking nearly everything about it. Its face has been given blue eyes courtesy of tinted headlight covers, and the grille and front spoiler benefit from a welcome sharpening. In back, a revised profile for the spoiler means improved visibility.

For the new, slightly revised, European version of the 2012 Insight, Honda is focusing on making the hybrid slightly more fuel-efficient, perhaps with an eye to be more competitive with the Toyota Prius.


Honda is set to unveil a lightly revised version of the European Honda Insight at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. This 2012 Insight will feature greater efficiency gleaned from substantial aerodynamic work (check out that new grille and front bumper), reduced engine friction, improvements to the CVT and the air-conditioning system. What does all of that translate into on the road? Honda says that the tweaks allow the 2012 Insight to produce 96 g/km of CO2, or 57 mpg on the European cycle. As G