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TAS 2011: 370Z to Porsche Panamera Convertible conversion

If you wanted to create a Porsche Panamera drop-top, where would you start? Perhaps with a Panamera sedan or something else from the Porsche stable? Or at least something that hails from Germany?

Toyota GRMN iQ Racing Concept headlines TMC's Tokyo Auto Salon roster

Toyota GRMN iQ Racing Concept – Click above for high-res image

Honda bringing CR-Z TS-1X concept to Tokyo Auto Salon

The 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon gets underway January 14th, and Honda a is bringing an aggressively-styled CR-Z to the party. Dubbed the Tesutosutadimoderu TS-1X, the two-seater was a standard Honda CR-Z before a set of sporty wheels, body-kit and flat-black paint scheme upped the car's threat level from wallfl