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Rendered Speculation: Nissan mulling Infiniti M Coupe?

These kind of conversations go on all the time. An automaker will consider variations on the theme of a particular model, and the rabid media will occasionally pick up a snippet of that chatter and blow it way out of proportion. We can't say whether rumors of a two-door M coupe are reality or just spitballing, though many would argue that such a model is a necessity for success.

Could the Infiniti M replace the Q forever?

2011 Infiniti M – Click above for high-res image gallery

Infiniti releases EPA mileage figures for 2011 M sedan

2011 Infiniti M – Click above for high-res image gallery

All-New 2011 Infiniti M Sedan starts at $46,250

2011 Infiniti M – Click above for high-res image gallery

Redesigned 2010 Infiniti G and 2011 QX joining M in LA

Although Nissan and Infiniti won't have an official presence at next week's LA Auto Show, the luxury marque will unveil its 2011 M sedan at an event the night before the show and plans to webcast the proceedings at 7:00 pm PST on December 1.

2011 Infiniti M35 and M56 get a special reveal

Infiniti's "swoopy anger" design language has made it to the M line, and InsideLine got some seat time in the V8-powered, rear-wheel drive, M56 and the six-cylinder, all-wheel-drive M37x. The M56 is, of course, the monster of the two and kinda looks it. The black hue and 20-inch wheels makes all the difference on the outside, giving the 400+ horsepower V8 sedan the sporting chops to make you go "Hmmm." The interior continues the curves, and the contrasting color scheme appears to create a very r

Infiniti teases 2011 M ahead of 3D Pebble debut

2011 Infiniti M Teaser - Click above for a high-res image

REPORT: Next Nissan Fuga to debut in Tokyo, foretells Infiniti M's future

The JDM Nissan Fuga is due for a comprehensive overhaul, and according to a report by Japan's Holiday Auto, we can expect to see the redesigned sedan at this fall's Tokyo Motor Show.