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Chrysler recalling 76,000 Ram pickups over braking concerns

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2010 Dodge Ram recalled over incorrectly printed labels

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2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon caught uncovered

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Upcoming small diesel from Dodge and Cummins to be a 5.0L V8?

It appears as if they small-bore diesel wars are set to swing into full motion come next year. We already know about the 4.4-liter Ford diesel V8, which comes from Ford's Euro side, and the 4.5-liter Duramax V8 from the General. Now, we find that the upcoming 2010 Dodge Ram - rumored to get a small-bore oil

2010 Dodge Ram to use 5.0L diesel V8 from Cummins?

Those intrepid sleuths over at PickupTrucks.com have noticed an underhood sticker that may offer an early glimpse into the upcoming small-displacement diesel engine for the 2010 Dodge Ram. We've really got to hand it to Mike Levine and his crew for this one. You've really got to be dedicated to check every little sticker and plaque on a new car to notice that the automaker has inadve