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As we reported early last month, Zap has finally updated its three-wheeled Xebra for 2009 with a new steel body and much more storage space through its new hatchback. While we're happy to hear that one of the few actual electric vehicles on the market and available today has seen vital upgrades, we've yet to run across a review of the newly-revised model... until today. Mark LaPedus over at EE Times hopped in a new '09 at the local dealership in San Jose, California, and he's shared his thoughts

The often-maligned three-wheeled Zap Xebra is getting some upgrades, after shipping a record number of vehicles last quarter, that could make it a much better vehicle overall. We don't think that anything has been changed that would potentially give the Xebra more range or more power, but an all-steel body definitely is an improvement over the old model's fiberglass unit. Another big change is the addition of a hatchback at the rear of the vehicle, which will make loading objects into the vehicl