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Subaru is recalling 275,000 Forester crossovers over potentially faulty rear seatbelts that may not properly allow for the secure attachment of a child restraint. The affected models are from the 2009 to 2012 model years, built between November 26, 2007 and March 13, 2012.

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The crew at NASIOC came across more leaked shots of Subaru's forthcoming Forester, and this time, we get a closer look at the new sub-CUV's interior. Like most of the new products coming out of the Subie camp, the inside receives a significant restyling that takes its cues from the Tribeca's interior arrangement, with flowing brushed metal accents that dip down towards the HVAC controls. In addition to improvements both in style and materials, the Forester will also benefit from Subaru's Sportsh

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Any hope of Subaru surprising us with the 2009 Forester's new look is gone now thanks to a Japanese magazine cover that's been scanned on the web revealing in full detail what the new boxy CUV will look like when it soon debuts. Subaru recently went live with a new mini site for the Forester that showed us a shadowy image of the Forester's rear end, but this new scan leaves nothing to the imagination. It's very Tribeca-like in the grille and headlights and looks much more like its own design tha

While we'd like to think that the launch of the new Subaru Forester teaser site somehow corresponds to the leakage of images we saw yesterday, we're forced to assume that coincidences are just that. Regardless, Subaru still hasn't learned that displaying a darkened image of its newest product (ala STI) doesn't stop tech-savvychallenged bloggers from doing a screen capture and lightening up the shot to reveal the new Forester's rump.

Remember that unconfirmed sketch of the 2009 Subaru Forester we brought you a couple of weeks ago? It appears those scribblings will be very close to the actual tall wagon/CUV-thingy that Subaru eventually unveils. What appear to be scans of an actual brochure for the redesigned Forester (albeit a JDM version) have popped up on the NASIOC forums, as well as what looks like a scan of a Japanese auto rag cover. Though these scans are extremely tiny, we can make out a grille similar to the Tribeca'

While there's no way to verify if this particular sketch foretells the future of the Subaru Forester, we think it's probably not too far off the mark. Considering Subaru's blandification of its lineup – from the Impreza to the Tribeca – the new nose seems entirely plausible, and the upkicked D-pillar seems to be all the rage nowadays.