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SPOILER ALERT: Hopes and Dreams at the 2009 Turkish Grand Prix

2009 Turkish Grand Prix – Click above for a high-res image gallery

BMW Sauber launches F1.09 at Valencia

Click above for high-res image gallery of the BMW Sauber F1.09

Update: Grid fills out for 2009 F1 car presentations

Click above for a high-res gallry of last year's BMW Sauber F1.08 reveal

F1 teams to unveil 2009 cars in mid-January

With the 2008 championship over with and the year winding down to its final days, Formula One's constructors are preparing to unveil their new cars for 2009. The new regulations for the 2009 season promise to make the new cars look considerably different from the current cr

Wait'll they get a load of... the 2009 F1 cars

What you see above is a shot of BMW's Formula 1 racer built to 2009 specs. Slicks are back for mechanical grip, but to reduce downforce and speeds -- and supposedly increase passing -- the rear wing has been trimmed down so much that it looks like a shelf from IKEA. The front wing

Provisional 2009 F1 calendar released

While Kimi, Felipe, Robert and Lewis are fighting it out for the 2008 Formula One World Championship, the sport's regulatory body has released the provisional calendar for next season.