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What's bad for the Detroit-based automakers seems to be not only bad for the city of Detroit, but for its auto show as well. Mitsubishi has announced they will not be in attendance at this years affair in an effort, they said, to cut cost during the present sales slump. Interestingly, they are still planning on hitting up the New York and Chicago shows later on in the year. Huh, Chicago trumps Detroit?

The global economic downturn is affecting other things than the availability of credit, the unemployment rate and the fate of the world's largest automaker. We had already heard that Suzuki was planning on skipping this year's 2009 Detroit Auto Show in January (Porsche passed on the 2008 show), but the small Japanese brand has now been joined by a few heavyweights that compete at the very high end of the automotive spectrum. It turns out that Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Land Rover are all three not