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Jeep XJ001 Prototype makes us want to grow a mustache, wear jean cut-offs

1969 Jeep XJ001 Prototype – Click above for image gallery

Video: BMW goes unscripted with 413,000-mile 2800 CS

Murray Fowler's 1969 BMW 2800 CS – Click above to watch video after the jump

1969 Opel Aero GT is rarer than you think

1969 Opel Aero GT – Click above for high-res image gallery

GM could have made a plug-in hybrid car 38 years ago

GM was very late to the hybrid car market. They released a mild hybrid in 2006, their first full hybrid will be released in a few months and they plan to release a plug-in hybrid next year. Things could have been a lot different for GM when it came to hybrids. GM was developing a Stirling engine series hybrid concept called Stir-Lec in 1969. The text from Lascelles Linton