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The web has spoken and a 1941 Tatra T87 has been voted The New York Times 2010 Collectible Car of the Year. The rear-engined, air-cooled V8 Tatra beat 30 finalists (overall, there were 651 entrants), including noteworthy cars from Packard and Checker. The T87's owner, Paul Greenstein, was shocked to hear that his car – one of three Tatras he owns – came out on top. Greenstein says the Tatra has a unique allure that can't be matched by other manufacturers. For Americans, rarity factor

The Jalopy Journal has done the blogosphere a great service today by pointing us to a fabulous video showing 30 minutes of color footage taken during the 1941 Indy 500 festivities. Normally, we bitch about music tracks being laid over car videos, but the jaunty, period-correct soundtrack applied to this one is just right. We also included a second video featuring a pair of newsreels on the race itself. You'll see the massive garage fire and a fair amount of on-track action in those as well. As t