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Following Friday's report of the agreement between GM and CARB on the status of the Volt, the Automotive X Prize took stock of the deal and issued its statement on the possibility of a 100-MPG rating for the highly-anticipated car. While praising what GM is doing with the Volt, the X Prize also recommended that the EPA, "consider adopting MPGe as a unit of measure that would more accurately reflect fuel consumption of alternative energy vehicles, and we welcome further discussions with them on t

Whether contemplating the possibility of a Lexus Prius or dreaming up a Prius convertible, people sure do like to tinker with Toyota's halo car. Of course, for many, the reason to mess with the hybrid is to squeeze more miles per gallon out of the car.

This is a post for all of the American city officials we have who read AutoblogGreen (or readers who know someone in city government). The Automotive X Prize is looking for cities in America to host stages of the fuel-efficient vehicle race in 2009-2010. An official Request for Proposal (RFP) will be released at the Detroit Auto Show in the next few days.

The cover story of the January 2008 issue of Wired Magazine is "100 MPG! The Race To Build The Ultimate Fuel Efficient Car." The article is all about the X-Prize, which will award $10 Million to the maker of the most fuel efficient car. A short video with a test drive of the Aptera, one car in the X-Prize competition, is at the website. Wired also follows the smaller Illuminati Motor Works, another team in the competition, as they search for the design of the car of tomorrow. GM's Bob Lutz was a