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BMW has definitely ramped up its marketing for the launch of the new 1-series coupe. We've already seen the fruits of its advertising partners' ingenuity on the cover of Vice magazine, and today we've been tipped off on the attached video. In it, you'll see a group of agency types assemble a two-dimensional 1 out of paper and poster board. When complete, they go out for a Flintstones-powered "test drive" in Manhattan to try it out for size. Just remember, crosswalk and sidewalk operation is safe

Click the image above for a host of live high-res pics of the BMW 1-series.

Here we have spy shots of an almost completely uncloaked 1-Series Coupe, the version of BMW's smallest car that we'll be getting here in the U.S. To put it bluntly, this is the BMW we Autobloggers are longing for. It's small size and lighter weight should translate into a car that's more nimble than the old E36 3-Series, which is the last car we can remember that relied more on its handling prowess than its engine displacement to be an ultimate driving machine. Sources report that the 1-Series C