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BMW announces one millionth 1 Series built

2010 BMW 135i – Click above for high-res image gallery

Spy Shots: Is this the 2011/2012 BMW 1 Series?

Fresh pics of what looks to be the next generation BMW 1 Series have been snapped in Germany. If it is the rumored 2011/2012 model, it adheres to the trend of nearly every new car, as it appears to be simultaneously bigger and brawnier all over. It isn't the forthcoming X1 crossover, since a quick look at those two cars side-by-side reveals different ride heights and rooflines, among other things.

Spy Shots: BMW 1-series cabrio

Just a prototype, but here's another pic of the new BMW 1-Series Cab that was caught undergoing testing in Germany. While we expect to see the final form at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, we still enjoy getting glimpses of this littlest ultimate driving machine whenever possible.

Spring 2008: Arrival date for BMW 1-Series

The upcoming BMW 1-Series Coupe is one of those rare cars over which nearly every Autoblogger is drooling. It returns Bimmer to its roots of building relatively lightweight handlers, as well as lowers the cost of entry for an Ultimate Driving Machine to within the reach of the coupon clipping middle class. Thanks to the sharp eye of folks over at bmw128i.com, we now have confirmation from BMW via it's North American website that the 1-Series will be available to purchase in the U.S. by Spring 20

Spy shots: 1-series cabrio coming to Geneva in '08

The recently uncovered BMW 1-Series is sure to inject additional sales volume and revenue into the luxury car juggernaut Bavarian Motor Werks. The folks over at Carscoop captured a canvas-topped mini-Bimmer when nobody was looking, and the resulting shots prove that a topless 1-Series will join the budding lineup. The move makes sense because retractable top BMWs tend to sell we

BMW introduces 1-Series 3-door Limited Sports Edition

The 1-Series is getting some major attention from BMW these days. Not only has the new 3-door just been unveiled for 2007, but it's also finally been announced that the 1-Series will cross the pond and be sold in the U.S. soon (as a coupe and convertible with the hot 3.0L twin-turbo inline-six ini

Autoblog Podcast #55

Things are pretty quiet in the automotive world right now what with the Detroit Auto Show in the past and a couple weeks to go until the Chicago Auto Show, so we happened to record a very tidy podcast for you this week. 42 minutes and 14 seconds, think that's a record for us, or at least the shortest episode in a good long while. Nevertheless, we've packed the show with some good car talk. We begin by discussing the merits of BMW Dan Roth

BMW introduces new three-door 1-Series for 2007

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BMW 130i M Sport - 4/5 an M1

BMW seems able to apply its formula of perfect weight distribution plus rear-wheel drive to virtually any automotive form to produce a world-class dance partner. The 1-Series is the smallest of BMWs and the latest to be slapped on the ass with an M badge, although this version would be more accurately described as M-lite.