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  • The Toyota Land Cruiser has been on the road for more than 27 years, and amassed more than 400,000 miles on its odometer.

    In the past three months, it has endured a broken engine mounting, ruptured handbrake cable, broken cross-shaft, damaged power piston and more than a few cosmetic blemishes.

    Time to head to the dealership, right?

    For Emil and Liliana Schmid, not even close. While driving the 1982 Land Cruiser FJ60 over the past 27-and-a-half years, the Swiss couple has gone through 166 flat tires, 138 spark plugs, 54 shock absorbers, 31 batteries and 22 air filters.

    The couple, which embarked on a worldwide travel extravaganza in 1984, hasn't stopped, and neither has their Land Cruiser. They've ridden it through 172 different countries and logged 413,654 miles. The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized them and their vehicle for the longest travel journey, the most miles, and the most countries visited in a single car.

    • Image Credit: Toyota

    The journey began as a one-year escape from his job as a software developer and hers as a secretary, but it quickly spiraled into one without a return date. So far, they've parked the Land Cruiser near Egyptian pyramids and Australia's Ayers Rock. And everywhere in between.

    They've been on the road for 9,493 days, according to the meticulously kept statistics on their website, consumed 43,497 gallons of gas and been behind the wheel for 18,482 hours.

    Truth be told, they pondered replacing their Land Cruiser once. But after a spirited debate in 2006, they found a place to fix the original in the town of Miri on the island of Borneo, and haven't regretted the decision one bit.

    Thinking about taking an epic journey like the Schmids? We've got a few cars that we think will serve you very well while you see the world.

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