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Top 11 cars that are resold within a year

It's always exciting to take the keys to a new car for the first time. That romance doesn't always last, though, and some cars are passed on to new owners rather quickly. Automotive research firm ISeeCars has taken a look at the cars that are most likely to be resold within in a year, and crunched some of the numbers surrounding the heartbreaking turnaround.

You might be surprised that German luxury cars dominate this list. ISeeCars cites a disappointment from owners who opt for lower trim levels, not getting the level of luxury they expected. Sometimes, though, automakers incentivize dealers to purchase used cars as loaners, which could help to explain why so many owners give them up.

On the other end, some budget cars show up on the list, too, providing an even greater value to second owners. Either way, savvy shoppers can often score one of these nearly new vehicles at a hefty discount, with the vast majority of them commanding a much greater markdown than the average year-old used car.

Click through the list to see which cars are most likely to be ditched quickly by their first owners, and what sort of deal you could score if you're looking to pick up the pieces.

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BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series tops the list of cars owners ditch early. 8.0 percent of BMW 3 series and up sold as used cars within a year of their initial purchase as a new car. That's more than four times the average vehicle. It averages $44,833 new, and $36,743 the second time around.
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BMW 5 Series

Like its smaller sibling, the BMW 5 Series also sees a high rate of turnover. 7.5 percent of owners give it up within the first year. Used buyers can pick it up for an average of $50,133, which is 18.2 percent less than its average new price of $61,317.
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Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Rounding out the top three is another German Luxury sedan. It averages $49,042 new, but just $39,406 less than a year later. 6.1 percent of owners give it up early.
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Nissan Versa Note

The fourth car on the list differs from the first three in that it is a relative bargain compared to the high-turnover Teutonics. 4.0 percent of them are resold within a year. The average new price is $16,606, but the second owner can usually pick it up for discount of 20.2 percent.
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Dodge Dart

The first American car on the list is the Dodge Dart, of which 3.9 percent are resold within 365 days of their original purchase. It offers a hefty average used discount of 27.4 percent, with new cars averaging $20,649, and a price of $14,988 to the second owner.
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The SUV most resold within a year is the BMW X3, at 3.9 percent. It averages $50,115 new, and $43,731 used, which is one of the smallest discounts on this list, in terms of percentage.
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BMW 4 Series

Yet another BMW makes the list, with 3.9 percent of the 4 Series being resold within a year's time. On average, it sells for about $54,610 new, and $45,152 used.
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Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Another German, the Mercedes E-Class, sees a lot of young used sales. 3.9 percent are resold within a year, averaging $64,742 new, and $52,267 used.
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Chrysler 200

The ninth car on this list offers the largest discount. With 3.8 percent of Chrysler 200s bought as used within a year of their initial purchase, it averages an average used price ($17,624) that is 29.9 percent less than its new price ($25,132).
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Subaru WRX

With a one-year resale rate of 3.3 percent, the WRX offers the smallest relative discount of just 6.2 percent. It averages $32,634 new, and $30,625 used. It's a popular car, hence the smaller discount, but many first owners find it rough around the edges.
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Nissan Versa

Like its hatchback brother, the Versa Note, the Versa sedan sees its fair share of year one resales, at 3.2 percent. With an average new price of $14,894, and a used price of $12,800, the car's second parent usually stands to save 14.1 percent.
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