Using facts and figures gleaned from Kelley Blue Book's crack team of motorologists, we bring you the Top 11 cars for 2007 based on their predicted resale values. Depreciation, after all, is often the greatest expense the average driver will incur during their first five years of vehicle ownership.

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KBB has rated the cars based on current vehicle data, sales data, market conditions for each vehicle, competition within segments, expectations of the future economy and the combined experience of its marketing team and pricing analysts. To KBB's list we have added the top luxury vehicle, BMW's 6-Series, the resale leader among cars worth $60,000 and above.

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BMW 6-Series

Included in the post-$60,000 bracket, this Bimmer not only flies figuratively off the line but also packs the finest in German precision engineering, which should ensure this luxury coupe survives where its 6-Series predecessors have most notably failed: in proving an attractive buy on the used market.

Chevrolet Corvette

Potential as a future classic always helps a car keep its value, and a substantial refit of GM's flagship sports car for last year has given buyers what they want: a tighter chassis, more refined ride, a dab more pace, muscled looks and an engine roar that can turn heads from near a half mile away.

Honda Civic

A reputation for reliability and great gas consumption add a premium to any car's resale, and perhaps none reflects these values more than Honda's trusty compact. A favorite for first-time buyers thanks to its roomy and ergonomically-sound cabin, this one also had a major refit last year, so any prospective buyer knows a full-scale redesign is a long way off.

Infiniti G37

Flush from a week's test run in one of these, Infiniti's upscale performance coupe has all the attributes needed to keep it in high demand even a couple of years after its release: gorgeous curves that will long hold their looks, exceptional handling and punch, and a leather-dripped interior that puts you in a fantastic mood all day.

MINI Cooper

Long the grand dame of residual values, the MINI has not befallen the same fate as its retro-rival, the Beetle, which now suffers almost precipitous drop-offs in value. Much like the Prius, seemingly everyone at some stage wants one of these at a knockoff price. Sadly, they won't find many.

Scion tC

Another budget baby that will retain its striking looks and residual value, the tC compact coupe is a boy or girl racer car that offers lots in terms of snappy interior features, including loads of room up front to improve the factory stereo and a thumping sub-woofer in the back. Definitely a nod to the future, here.

Scion xB

All-new for 2008, Scion's blocky baby xB has become altogether more rounded in terms of outward appearance and capabilities. Retro-futuristic looks based on its sister FJ Cruiser and an advanced touch-screen iPod hookup and central console should ensure this long retains its value when others seem dated.

Toyota Corolla

What proportion of car buyers know of a Corolla that's long eaten up its 200,000th mile and is still going strong after more than 15 years? Rest assured it's very high, which explains why these Toyotas are greatly in demand as a used buy. Look out for the much anticipated sharper and snappier Corolla rumored to roll out in the New Year.

Volkswagen Eos

Snub-nosed and perhaps the most innovative vehicle to roll off VW's production line since the Beetle in 1998, the Eos drop-top first released in 2006 will hold its resale value courtesy of its rarity value and generational appeal. The flagship 3.2-liter V6 engine sounds simply gorgeous, too.

Volkswagen Jetta

Bit of a surprise here, but it stands testimony to VW's rollout of its revamped compact range that boasts a wide, deeper chromed-up front fascia that appeals to both younger and older drivers. You'll find room for a family here and some typically Teutonic touches including firm ride and great handling. Gas is great, too.

Volkswagen Rabbit

What, you say? They brought it back? And what a success it's been, too. I loved ripping the zippy top-of-the-range GTi about in town and on the freeway. Perhaps more importantly, the wife loved it, too, though she'll have to wait a while to pick one up cheap on the used market -- demand for used Rabbits is set to soar. What, you don't believe us?

Jeep Compass

The smallest Jeep is based on the Dodge Caliber. While some argue that the Compass is not a true Jeep (meaning a focused off-road machine), it is most certainly a CUV. The Compass offers those popular Jeep styling cues along with more room inside than a Caliber or most other compact sedans. With AWD, it will easily handle light off-roading. Make sure you look over the interior's quality before you buy.

17. PT Cruiser

July 2007 Sales: 7,113
Change vs. July 2006: -23.9%

MSRP: $14,940 - $22,660
Invoice: $14,095 - $21,121

Famous for its retro looks, Chrysler's PT Cruiser joins this unmistakably classic look with modern performance, efficiency and features.

18. Lexus RX 330

July 2007 Sales: 7,028
Change vs. July 2006: .7%

MSRP: $36,370 - $37,770
Invoice: $32,186 - $33,425

The Lexus RX 330 excels at smoothness. As Lexus' original mid-sized luxury SUV, the RX 330 is refined, agile, and quick. It's smaller than the GX 470 but roomy for a five passenger vehicle.

19. Toyota 4Runner

July 2007 Sales: 6,676
Change vs. July 2006: -25.6%

MSRP: $27,635 - $38,385
Invoice: $24,677 - $34,275

The Toyota 4Runner is a traditional sport utility built on a rugged ladder frame with a solid rear axle. The 4Runner's more traditional design gives it an advantage in long-term durability and on truly rugged terrain.

20. Jeep Liberty

July 2007 Sales: 6,534
Change vs. July 2006: -29.8%

MSRP: $20,330 - $26,125
Invoice: $19,095 - $24,384

The Jeep Liberty offers a good compromise between road-worthiness and off-highway capability for a compact SUV.
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