• ACEEE Greenest Vehicles of 2016
    • Image Credit: Smart

    ACEEE Greenest Vehicles of 2016

  • VW Jetta Hybrid
    • Image Credit: AOL 2016

    12: VW Jetta Hybrid

    Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

    ACEEE Green Score: 56 (higher is better)

    Just squeaking onto the 2016 top 12 list is the VW Jetta Hybrid. There were no vehicles on the list this year that had a purely gas-powered engine. ACEEE says that the conventional Smart Fortwo and Chevy Spark were just below the Jetta on the list, but if you want a green car, look to elecrification.

  • 2016 Chevy Volt
    • Image Credit: Copyright 2016 Sebastian Blanco / AOL

    11: 2016 Chevy Volt

    2016 Chevy Volt

    ACEEE Green Score: 56

    For the updated 2016 model, Chevy improved the Volt in pretty much every way. While more efficient than the previous version, the new Volt still only managed to come in 11th on ACEEE's list.

  • Ford Focus Electric
    • Image Credit: AOL 2016

    10: Ford Focus Electric

    Ford Focus Electric

    ACEEE Green Score: 57

    The second, of three, domestic vehicles on the list this year, Ford's only all-electric model just beat out its more popular Detroit rival, the Chevy Volt.

  • Toyota Prius
    • Image Credit: Copyright 2015 Sebastian Blanco / AOL

    9: 2016 Toyota Prius

    2016 Toyota Prius

    ACEEE Green Score: 58

    ACEEE calculates figures for not only the different make and models each year, but also different trim levels. So, you might see an Eco trim version of the Prius ranked higher on this list, but even the standard model, which gets 53/46 City/HWY MPG, had a good showing. 

  • Toyota Prius C
    • Image Credit: AOL 2016

    8: Toyota Prius C

    Toyota Prius C

    ACEEE Green Score: 59

    In 2015, the Prius C was in fourth place. The car remains the same this year, but it's dropped to 8th. That's how fast the green auto industry moves.

  • Kia Soul Electric
    • Image Credit: AOL 2016

    7: Kia Soul Electric

    Kia Soul Electric

    ACEEE Green Score: 59

    The average ACEEE score for new vehicles is 40 and the highest possible is 100. As you can see from all these green winners, scores of around 60 are about as good as you can get these days. With a 59, the Kia Soul EV made the Greenest top 12 list for the first time.

  • Nissan Leaf S / SV
    • Image Credit: Nissan

    6: Nissan Leaf S / SV

    Nissan Leaf S / Leaf SV

    ACEEE Green Score: 61

    Dropping one spot in the rankings, the long-running Nissan Leaf remains a highly efficient choice. The big question is how the rest of the ACEEE's list looks when the next-generation Leaf arrives with more range in the battery.

  • VW E-Golf
    • Image Credit: AOL 2016

    5: VW E-Golf

    VW E-Golf

    ACEEE Green Score: 61

    In 2015, the Nissan Leaf was in fifth place. This year, the newer E-Golf took its spot, but the Leaf still got the same score of 61. The ACEEE ranks vehicles with the same score by other factors, like pollution created during manufacturing and the composition of the battery packs.

  • 2016 Toyota Prius Eco
    • Image Credit: Copyright 2016 Sebastian Blanco / AOL

    4: 2016 Toyota Prius Eco

    Toyota Prius Eco

    ACEEE Green Score: 61

    The just-released third-generation Prius upped its fuel economy game (58 in the city), which was enough for this five-person car to supplant the smaller Prius C in last year's ranking.

  • Fiat 500E
    • Image Credit: AOL 2016

    3: Fiat 500E

    Fiat 500E

    ACEEE Green Score: 62

    Coming in third (again - this starts a trend) is the only all-electric Fiat available. EVs are not rated on a miles-per-gallon scale, obviously, but by miles per kilowatt-hour.

  • Chevy Spark EV
    • Image Credit: GM

    2: Chevy Spark EV

    Chevrolet Spark EV

    ACEEE Green Score: 63

    Tied for the top score of 63 with the Smart ED, the Chevy Spark EV moves up from second place in 2015.

  • Smart ED
    • Image Credit: Smart

    1: Smart ED

    Mercedes-Benz Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Convertible / Coupe

    ACEEE Green Score: 63

    This is the third year in a row that the Smart ED has been the Number 1 Greenest car on the ACEEE's list. That's an unprecedented run for the little two-seater.

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