• Image Credit: Dittmeyer, Flickr

Today, many drivers employ the service of Google Maps to help them get where they need to go. A while ago, Google launched an ambitious project to photograph the streets of the world in order to allow a person to see exactly where they were going before they even left the house.

To do so, Google sent out numerous vehicles armed with cameras that took pictures at specific intervals as they drove down the streets.

While Google was quite successful in mapping out areas with the project, the nature of the project also had an unintended result: The capturing of candid scenes of daily life throughout the world.

Thus, as people have perused locations using Google Street View over the past few years, they have stumbled on some remarkable, bizarre and downright creepy images. We've compiled a few of our favorites, featured on streetviewfunny.com, for your enjoyment.

Naked....and inside the trunk of your car? Alive? Perhaps he was stuffed in there by the mob, wasn't really dead the way they thought he was, and he just woke up.

The Google camera caught this poor fellow at a rather embarrassing time. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and guess that he simply decided to readjust his pants at an unfortunate moment.

That's one way to use an old VW bus.

Here is a photo captured that leads us to think that those garish Hummer stretch limos really aren't so bad looking.

We thought dalmatians were the official dog of fire departments. Looks like postal workers like them too.

Who needs a minivan? We don't recommend this to anyone. No airbags or seatbelts either. We doubt that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would approve.

Seriously, what has happened to Great Britain? And to think these are the people who were able to keep the landing at Normandy, the biggest single mobilization of ships and soldiers, secret from the enemy.

Seems like a strange weathervane to us.

We aren't sure if the sign refers to the pooch or the owner.

It sucks locking your keys in the car, but we think this guy has another problem. The tires look flat too.

This is going to really stink for a driver who is texting while driving.

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