New Eco-Friendly Vehicles
  • New Eco-Friendly Vehicles

    New Eco-Friendly Vehicles

    The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recently released their annual list of "greenest" and "meanest" vehicles for sale in the United States. The "greenest" vehicles can be found in this gallery. The ACEEE's rankings are based on each model's fuel economy and its exhaust emissions. As with any best/worst list, it's important to know who compiled the list and why ...
  • Journalist Rule #1

    Journalist Rule #1

    Follow The Money. This ACEEE list generates interest in their web site and database at Your paid subscription (a small portion of their operating budget) buys a look at their "Green Score" ranking of vehicles that is based on EPA mileage estimates and emission ratings (available for free at Is it worth it? We're not so sure ... but lists are popular, just ask David Letterman, he's made a career out of them.
  • #1 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    #1 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    Honda Civic GX NGV
    So you want to be super-green? Drive the natural gas powered Honda Civic GX NVG. It ranked #1 on the list. But prepare to sacrifice, as the GX NVG can't be refueled just anywhere. You'll need to find special filling stations that offer compressed natural gas. Many areas don't have any such facilities.
  • #2 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    #2 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    Toyota Prius
    We've driven the efficient Prius gas/electric hybrid and like it a lot. It is a reasonably-priced, practical, efficient, peppy, five-seat automobile with a 500-mile cruising range. If you want to make an environmental statement, this choice's funky styling screams, "I'm green!" while delivering estimated MPG of 48 city/45 hwy.
  • #4 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    #4 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    Smart Fortwo
    While new to the US, the smart car is has been on sale in Europe and Canada for years. It's popularity stems from innovative and stylish design. Seating is strictly for two, but even tall occupants will be comfortable. The tiny 1-liter 3-cylinder produces only 71 horsepower with mileage we though would be better than 33 city/41 highway.
  • #6 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    #6 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    Nissan Altima Hybrid
    The sporty Nissan Altima Hybrid uses electric hybrid technology borrowed from Toyota matched to Nissan's own 158-horsepower 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gas engine to deliver a strong-running, fuel-sipping, roomy 5-seat sedan. Expect great city mileage, as this type of hybrid can run on electricity only at low (city) speeds. City mpg is estimated at 35 mpg, with highway at 33 mpg. Prices start in the $25,000 range.
  • #8 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    #8 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    Mini Cooper
    The stylish Mini Cooper (and the larger Clubman model) prove that performance, style, and environmentally-friendly are not mutually exclusive qualities. Pick the base 1.6-liter engine and the manual gearbox and you'll sip fuel at the rate of 28 mpg city, 35 mpg highway. Prepare to raise the Union Jack and sing, "Hail To The Queen."
  • #10 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    #10 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    Toyota Camry Hybrid
    The Toyota Camry is the US's most popular vehicle because it does so much so well. We've tested numerous models and find them impressive automotive appliances that get the job done. This is the choice for those who want mid-size room with economy-car efficiency. Pricing begins at about $25,000.
  • #12 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    #12 Greenest Vehicle of 2008

    Honda Fit
    The funky Honda Fit rounds out the ACEEE's list of "Greenest Vehicles of 2008." It's not a bad choice either, given its 28/34 mpg performance from the little 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. At under $14,000, this is simply another small, inexpensive, and efficient car that maximizes traditional internal combustion engine technology.
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