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Taking a ride on a tracked all-terrain wheelchair

When Brice Crawford, the owner of Rocket Mobility, saw how difficult it was for his grandfather, who had a prosthetic leg, get around his farm, an idea struck. The Tomahawk is the result, a one-person tracked vehicle that has what it takes to traverse just about any kind of terrain.
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Translogic 176: Rocket Mobility Tomahawk

Translogic heads to Lincoln, NE to check out the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk, an all-terrain wheelchair that can help people with disabilities get out to explore the trails. We chat with Rocket Mobility President Brice Crawford, then go for a ride with Tomahawk user Alex McKiernan.
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Rocket Mobility Tomahawk in camo finish

With a weight of 420 pounds, a top speed of six miles per hour and a range of seven miles on a fully charged battery, the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk all-terrain wheelchair is available in a variety of colors. Options and accessories include different seats and belt arrangements, a canopy, lighting and even gun and fishing-rod holders.
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Rocket Mobility Tomahawk joystick

A joystick to control the Tomahawk can be mounted on either the right or left sides of the chair. A zero-degree turning radius means excellent maneuverability in the tightest confines.
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Rocket Mobility Tomahawk in blue

With a starting price of nearly $10,000, the Tomahawk from Rocket Mobility isn't going to fit into everyone's budget. But if you require the unique capabilities than an all-terrain wheelchair offers, feel free to click here to visit Rocket Mobility's official website for more information.
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