• Tokyo Motor Show Press Day
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    Tokyo Motor Show Editors' Picks

    The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show featured an array of concepts previewing future strategies for Japan's automakers, who dominated the event in their home market. There were sports cars, luxury sedans, crossovers — and almost everything was electrified. Scroll through to see which one captured our top Editors' Pick.

    Honda Sports EV Information

    Honda Sports EV
  • Tokyo Motor Show Press Day
    • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Yamaha Cross Hub: Fifth Place (10 Points)

    Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore: This quirky little truck captured my attention for its styling and off-road potential. Lately, I'm really into trucks, and this one looks like a Decepticon.

    Managing Editor Greg Rasa: Yamaha makes good stuff, from motorcycles to musical instruments. We’d love to see Yamaha cars. So points for Yamaha, even if this truck is a little odd. OK, a lot odd. 

    Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski: Yamaha gets points for hitting the perfect size for a small pickup truck.

    Yamaha Cross Hub Information

    Yamaha Cross Hub
  • Mazda Vision Motor
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    Mazda Vision Coupe: Fourth Place (21 Points)

    Managing Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski: Mazda makes cars that drivers love. Build one that looks this sensual, and watch buyers flock to the showrooms.

    Associate Editor Reese Counts: I like big sedans, even if the market doesn't necessarily agree with my feelings. Like the Mazda Kai Concept, this is a sleek design that hopefully is a good indication of things going forward. Unlike the Kai, I'm not sure that Mazda will actually build it. 

    Mazda Vision Information

    Mazda Vision
  • Subaru Viziv Performance Concept
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    Subaru Viziv Performance Concept: Third Place (25 Points)

    Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore: Easily my favorite reveal at the show. I love the huge hood scoop, dramatic lines on the side and sharp grille flanked by piercing headlights. Make it the next WRX!

    Associate Editor Joel Stocksdale: The more I look at this car, the more I like it. It looks very aggressive with its massive fenders, and it has neat touches like the grille treatment and reflectors on the wheel arches. It could be a really cool WRX. But I still fear Subaru won't be able to follow through on this car.

    Subaru Viziv Information

    Subaru Viziv
  • Honda Sports EV
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    Honda Sports EV: Second Place (35 Points)

    Associate Editor Joel Stocksdale: I really love the way this thing looks. I think the Urban EV Concept might be a tad more elegant, but the Sports EV Concept still is a sharp little coupe and looks like loads of fun. It also is a positive sign for car enthusiasts that the electrified future doesn't have to be ultra-efficient and boring. The only thing keeping it from being my pick of the show is the fact that, as much as I want Honda to make it, the odds aren't the greatest, since it would be a very niche car.

    Senior Editor (Green) John Beltz Snyder: EVs can be fun, and this car definitely looks the part. For those drivers waiting to make the switch to an EV until they can replace their gas vehicle with something equally entertaining, cars like this could finally win those converts.

    Honda Sports EV Information

    Honda Sports EV
  • Tokyo Motor Show Press Day
    • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Mazda Kai: First Place (38 Points)

    Mazda Kai Information

    Mazda Kai
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