• Progressive International Motorcycle Show Lead
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    Progressive International Motorcycle Show

  • Vanguard Roadster
    • Image Credit: David Boldt

    Vanguard Roadster

  • Harley-Davidson
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    While Harley’s ‘Milwaukee Eight’ eight-valve engine is no longer news this December, it remained the lead story at H-D’s presentation. And the Milwaukee Eight boasts a host of other changes to mollify the financial stress imposed when spending $20K – and up – on a motorcycle. Beyond the claimed improvements in performance and reliability, there are updates to suspensions and exhaust systems.

    For those with an interest in Harleys weighing something under 800 pounds, both the Sportster-based Roadster (shown) and Low Rider S look impressive.

  • Can-Am Spyder
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    Can-Am Spyder

  • Indian Scout Redwing Concept
    • Image Credit: Indian Motorcycles

    Indian Scout Redwing Concept

  • BMW Motorrad
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    BMW Motorrad

    BMW’s back-to-basics R nineT continues to evolve, as its nostalgic vibe racks up impressive sales numbers. In 2017 the R nineT ‘Pure’ brings the original air-cooled concept a slightly lower spec and significantly reduced price, while the ‘Scrambler’ suggests an off-road inclination even if the reality is more all-road than no-road. Finally, the ‘Racer’ (shown) recalls all that was good about the café scene of the ‘70s.

    For new or returning riders inspired by viewing or reading  Long Way Round, the Charley Boorman/Ewan McGregor documentary of their BMW-mounted around-the-world tour, a ride aboard BMW’s new G 310 GS will resonate. With just 310cc and 34 horsepower your adventure should be modest, but if looking for a manageable commuter or heap-of-fun weekender (at a sane price point) you needn’t look any further.

  • Yamaha
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  • Kawasaki
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  • Suzuki
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  • Honda Motorcycles
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    Honda Motorcycles

  • Ducati
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  • Flo's Chop Shop
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    Flo's Chop Shop

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