Of all the professional sports, NASCAR has clearly embraced advertising to the greatest extent. Not content with turning the actual cars and their drivers into moving billboards, NASCAR has a long list of “official sponsors” that pay big bucks to simply be associated with American stock car racing’s governing body.

But the NASCAR marketing juggernaut has been underperforming recently. The New York Times reports that attendance has declined at 16 of the first 22 races of the season, and TV ratings have also waned. In the face of lagging interest, we’ve compiled a list of the ten NASCAR sponsors that seem most questionable. Click through and prepare to be amused.


Official Shaving Product

Mars Snackfood & Petfood US

Official Chocolate; Official Chocolate Bar; Official Cheese Filled Snacks; Official Petfood

Nabisco (Kraft)

Official Cookies and Crackers


Official Pain Reliever

Freightliner Trucks

Official Big Rig, Official Hauler


Official Supplemental Insurance

Old Spice

Official Antiperspirant, Deodorant & Bodywash


Official Cinema Media Partner

Office Depot

Official Office Supply/Products Provider
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