VW Beetle assembly
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Neither exotic nor rare

Neither exotic nor rare, the best selling cars of all time won't get any car enthusiast's heart pumping. These cars are like Starbucks, there seems to be one on every corner.

Still they are the best selling cars for a reason. The list recently published by Wall Street Cheat Sheet features models that have highly trusted nameplates, as well as an uncanny ability to quickly adapt to consumer needs. Many of these cars have lasted decades, with no sign of sales slowing down. They may not be the sexiest cars of all time, but in all likelihood you own one or know someone who does.

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Volkswagen Passat
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10. Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat has gone through seven generations -- and 15.5 million cars sold -- since its debut in 1973. The Passat is a solid family car, one that offers a touch of luxury for a pretty decent price. That's what's kept it selling so well over the past few years, when the sedan market became intensely competitive.

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Ford Model T
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9. Ford Model T

It's the car that needs no introduction, but we'll give it one anyway. The first affordable, mass produced car for the average American was built in 1908 in Detroit by Henry Ford. While the Ford Model T hasn't been in production in 86 years, it has still managed to hold on to the title of eighth best selling car of all time. 

It took 20 years for the Model T to sell more cars than most brands sell over decades. In that time Ford produced a staggering 16.5 million Ts. 

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8. Honda Accord

Following closely on the heels of its big brother the Honda Civic, the Accord entered the scene in 1976. Honda has sold 17.5 million Accords since then.

It was the first car the Japanese manufacturer produced in America and has been one of the best selling cars in the U.S. since 1989. The Accord gets props for being a safe and reliable family car.

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Ford Escort
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7. Ford Escort

The Escort was introduced to America in 1981, but had been a strong seller in Europe since 1968. Ford sold 18 million Escorts worldwide. There isn't a current car in production with the Escort nameplate, though there is a concept for a new Escort to be sold in China next year. Here in the States, Ford's smallest car, the Fiesta, is sold as a sedan or hatchback.
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6. Honda Civic

Before the launch of the Civic in 1972, Honda considered pulling out of car manufacturing altogether. The Civic was their first big hit on the auto market and kept Honda in the business of making cars. Good thing they kept selling cars, or else they would have missed out on 18.5 million Civics sold.

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Lada Riva
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5. Lada Riva

The Lada Riva, also known as the Lada Nova, AutoVAZ VAZ-2101, first hit the scene in the former Soviet Union in 1980. But it's bones are actually much older. The humble Lada is based on the Fiat 124, which dates all the way back to 1966. Millions of these little sedans have been pumped out, and even if production is no longer happening in Russia, the Riva is still rolling down assembly lines in Egypt.
VW Beetle
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4. Volkswagen Beetle

From the dream of a despised dictator to a symbol of the free-wheeling 60's, the Beetle is one of the longest running production cars in history. Built in 1938 to Hitler's specifications, the Beetle captured hearts in the counter-culture movement of the 1960s with it's cheap price and funky design.

About 23.5 million units of the love-bug have been sold worldwide.
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VW Golf
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3. Volkswagen Golf

Sometimes the Golf, sometimes the Rabbit, whatever it's name, it's the best selling model of all time for Volkswagen. It came on the scene in 1974 and since then the boxy hatchback has sold over 30 million cars. The Golf was sold as the Rabbit until 2006, when Volkswagen brought back the Golf in 2010.

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Ford F-150
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2. Ford F-series

The first Ford F-150 was introduced in 1948 and was sold as the Ford Bonus Built. The first models were shaky, but the truck's quality steadily improved over subsequent generations. The Ford F-150 has sold more than 40 million models over the last six decades, making Ford the undisputed king of the pickup. Demand for the trucks show no sign of slowing down.

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Toyota Corolla
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1. Toyota Corolla

The first Toyota Corolla rolled off of the assembly line and into our hearts in 1966. By 1974 it was the best-selling car in the world. When Toyota announced Corolla number 40 million, it said they fly out of dealerships so quickly the automaker isn't sure who has it or at what location number 40 million was sold. By now, the number has swelled to more than 43 million sold worldwide.

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