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Herbie the VW Bug
  • Herbie the VW Bug
    • Image Credit: Christian Petersen via Getty Images

    Loving The Bug

    It might seem like a lot to pay for a 1963 VW Beetle, but one particular example sold for at auction this week for the impressive sum of $86,250. That's because this is no ordinary Volkswagen

    As you can probably tell from the image above, the VW that just set a new auction record for classic Bugs was a movie star. The auction that hosted the Bug was put on by Bonhams and Turner Classic Movies. Click above for more.

  • 1953 Volkswagen Beetle Herbie Rides Again
    • Image Credit: Bonhams

    Herbie The Love Bug

    Introduced in The Love Bug (1968), Herbie is a white 1963 Volkswagen Beetle who follows race car driver Jim Douglas (Dean Jones) home from the showroom. That film was such a success that Disney subsequently made five more movies and two television shows about the anthropomorphic car. In all, the Herbie films grossed more than $200 million at the box office in their initial domestic release, or $725 million in today's currency.
  • 1953 Volkswagen Beetle Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
    • Image Credit: Bonhams

    Star car sets auction record

    The Herbie for sale at Bonhams New York on Nov. 23, was discovered in a warehouse in Florida several years ago and remains in largely unrestored condition. Originally built for Herbie Rides Again (1974) and also used in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, it is one of the ingenious "Invisible Driver" Herbies. Modified with an elaborate system of sprockets and pulleys connected to a second steering column under the front seat, the driver sits in the backseat to give the impression that the car is driving itself. This car also has the distinction of being the only vehicle ever to leave its tire print in the cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, during promotion for Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.
  • Steve McQueen's racing suit at Bonham's auction.
    • Image Credit: Star Max/IPx

    Steve McQueen's racing suit from Le Mans

    In addition to Herbie, another important piece of Hollywood memorabilia with an automotive flair also sold for huge money at the Bonham's auction. This is the original racing suit worn by Steve McQueen during filming of the classic racing film Le Mans.

    When the gavel dropped, bidding had reached $425,000 for the racing suit, which was much higher than pre-auction estimates of $200,000 to 300,000.

    One piece of movie memorabilia sold for much higher, though. Click above to find out what it was.

  • Judy Garland's dress from The Wizard of Oz
    • Image Credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

    Judy Garland's dress from The Wizard of Oz

    This dress was worn by Judy Garland when she played 'Dorothy' in The Wizard of Oz. It's instantly recognizable, which makes it a stunning showpiece for whoever owns it.

    The dress sold at the Bonham's auction for $1.56 million (including premium). The dress was the single most expensive item sold at the auction.

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