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Five times the Prius is the better option

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If you've been hanging around Autoblog this week, you've certainly noticed that there's been a lot of talk about a certain new hybrid. Though If we're honest, we'll admit that the Toyota Prius doesn't get a lot of love from us most weeks, so a moment for the new car to grab the spotlight isn't bad. 

And, frankly, despite what some commenters have said, you guys seem really into the Prius. Millions of you have tuned in this week to see the official reveal

That's because the Toyota Prius is a damn useful, practical thing to drive, even if it doesn't make your average car-enthusiast's heart go thump. To bear this out, we asked a few of our staffers to come up with times that the Prius is the best driving option. 

Toyota Prius Information

Toyota Prius
  • Image Credit: KenTannenbaum via Getty Images

Gas vs. Beer

When gas money and beer money come from the same piggy bank. Even if the car might run fine on the cheap unleaded stuff, I'd rather not.  – Jeremy Korzeniewski
  • Image Credit: Volvo

After the track

Coming home from an all-day shoot at the drag strip, as a way to repent for our sins. – Adam Morath 

This one will make more sense after a certain video we shot recently goes up, stay tuned. -Ed.

  • Image Credit: psyberartist / Flickr CC

The end is nigh

During the robotic manatee apocalypse. You'll just blend in and be carried to safety. – David Gluckman

You have to admit, there's a striking resemblance to the new Prius... -Ed. 

  • Image Credit: Copyright 2015 Christopher McGraw / AOL

Quietly escaping the in-laws

For the four-hour trip up north, the Prius is the best car ever. I only spent $15 dollars on gas, and when I needed to get away from my in-laws, the battery ensured that I could make a silent getaway.  – Christopher McGraw
  • Image Credit: Copyright 2015 AOL

Hypermiling & TDI shaming

Call me crazy, but I choose to drive a Prius when I want to drive without using a lot of fuel. Sure, you can push a TDI to great heights if you want, but the current Prius makes getting at least 45 mpg easy for anyone.  – Sebastian Blanco
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