• Detroit 2009: Chrysler Booth
  • Need a quick refresher on why Chrysler is in its current predicament? Product inferiority, thy name is Sebring.
  • Detroit 2009: Chrysler Booth
  • Let's be honest here. Who in their right mind cares whats under that Sebring's hood?
  • Detroit 2009: Chrysler Booth - hospitality area
  • Once upon a time, Chrysler had its own money, and its display included a fancy hospitality area, complete with offices for executive interviews, free booze for journalists, and an espresso station. Now Chrysler's money comes from the American taxpayer, and the reception/hospitality area looks like an airport coffee stand.
  • Detroit 2009: Chrysler Booth: Dodge area
  • For some reason, this man is actually looking at a Dodge Avenger. We briefly considered calling an ambulance on his behalf, but ultimately left him to his own devices.
  • Detroit 2009: Chrysler Booth - EV Concepts
  • Ignore the hype. You can't spell never without "EV."
  • Detroit 2009: Chrysler Booth - The End
  • And that, in a nutshell, is the Chrysler display. They've cut back significantly on the showmanship, but all that's done is put more of a focus on the product lineup. Bummer for Chrysler, eh?
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