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Toyota models make up half of Consumer Reports' 10 most reliable cars

For many people, the absolute worst thing they could experience with a car is for it to break or have a problem. The good news is, there are cars that will ease the anxiety of their owners with infrequent trips to the shop. According to Consumer Reports, using data from its annual survey of subscribers, the following ten vehicles are the most reliable in the country, and are ordered from most to least reliable.

Any of these vehicles should be a solid choice if the most important consideration in your car-buying decision is predicted reliability. That said, they aren't all vehicles that Autoblog's editors would recommend as fun to drive. We've provided links to our own driving impressions on these vehicles where possible.

Interestingly, five of the slots are taken up by Toyota brands. In total six cars come from Japan, three from Germany, and only one from the States. Also, brands from only five automakers made the list. Click on to see what cars are the most trouble-free. And if you want to see what cars you should avoid, check out the list of the least reliable models in America.

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1. Toyota Prius

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As much as car enthusiasts might hate this car (we know The Grand Tour sure hates it), it really is about the most logical car on the market. It manages to get an amazing 54 miles per gallon in the city, it comes in a practical hatchback package, and it drives better than its predecessor. Now it can even claim to be the most reliable car in the country. The only car that makes more sense is the Prius Prime plug-in.

toyota prius Information

toyota prius
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2. Lexus CT 200h

Considering the fact that CT 200h uses the same powertrain as the previous-generation Prius, it isn't that surprising it would be a reliable machine. In comparison with the Prius, the Lexus gets worse gas mileage and costs more. However, it arguably looks better and has a fancy badge, which for some people is more than enough to choose it over its Toyota-branded cousin.
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3. Infiniti Q70

The Infiniti Q70 is the only Nissan product to make the top 10 list of most reliable cars. Not only that, but it's the only luxury sedan on the list to offer a long-wheelbase version. So if you need a personal limo with impeccable dependability, this is pretty much your only choice.

Infiniti Q70 Information

Infiniti Q70
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4. Audi Q3

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The Audi Q3 brings us to the first of just three Teutonic machines on this list, all of which happen to be crossover SUVs. We haven't driven the refreshed version yet, but the previous version featured a pleasant ride and a user-friendly interior, the latter of which survived the refresh. On the downside, the model we tested wasn't terribly quick.

audi q3 Information

audi q3
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5. Lexus GX 460

The Lexus GX 460 represents one of only two traditional body-on-frame SUVs on this list. Along with traditional SUV construction comes a bit traditional off-road ability, and even Toyota's fancy Crawl Control system is available as an option. However, despite the old-school design, we found the GX to still have pleasant road manners.
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6. Lexus GS

If the Infiniti Q70 doesn't interest you, perhaps you would prefer the Lexus GS for your reliable luxury sedan needs? Available with a wide range of engines including four-, six-, and eight-cylinder varieties, there's likely at least one GS model that you would find pleasing. There's even a hybrid model. Our favorite is the high-revving 467-horsepower V8-powered GS F.
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7. Mercedes-Benz GLC

The second German machine to make the reliability grade is the Mercedes-Benz GLC. When we got our first taste of the GLC, we noted its luxurious interior with easy-to-use technology, as well as secure ride and handling. The GLC is also the only car with a three-pointed star on the list.
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8. Chevrolet Cruze

Following the only Mercedes-Benz on the list is the only American car, the Chevrolet Cruze. In addition to good reliability, the turbocharged small sedan offers comfortable commuting with a pleasant interior. And now you can get it in hatchback form.

chevrolet cruze Information

chevrolet cruze
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9. Audi Q7

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The Audi Q7 is the third and final German car to make the list. The Audi crossover feels as big as it is, but it also features a sumptuous interior and a refined ride. It's also available with plenty of tech goodies, including the trick Virtual Cockpit instrument panel.

Audi Q7 Information

Audi Q7
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10. Toyota 4Runner

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Last, but far from unreliable, is the Toyota 4Runner. This traditional SUV keeps the body-on-frame flame burning, and in return provides real off-road capability. The truck's natural ability off-road is also enhanced by the various TRD models available.

Toyota 4Runner Information

Toyota 4Runner
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