• 2001 Plymouth Prowler. (P-0101)
    • 2001 Plymouth Prowler. (P-0101)
    • DaimlerChrysler's Woodward Edition Prowler concept vehicle, released at the 1999 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association Trade Show.(PP-0002)
    • Prowler delivers the "shock value" for the Plymouth brand while raising nameplate awareness for the full product range.
    • 1999 Red Plymouth Prowler
    • "Prowler Silver" makes its debut as the new color for the 2000 model year.
    • 1999 Plymouth Prowler. PP-904.
    • 1999 Plymouth Prowler. PP-903.
    • Visually, the Prowler is an incredibly powerful design statement that first and foremost pays homage to the rolling art of hot rods - the ultimate expression of the great American open roadster.
    • 1997 Plymouth Prowler.
    • Prowler continues to cruise. Chrysler kicked off Detroit's annual Woodward Cruise celebration in style by unveiling its new 2001 "Black Tie Edition" Prowler. The limited edition silver/black two-tone hot rod will arrive in dealerships by early September. (August 18,2000). (P-0103).
    • While aluminum is extensively used, it is not the only material. A type of polymer, called acrylonitryle-butadeine-styrene, was used on the grille.
    • The hot rod aura of the concet Prowler was preserved in the final design of the vehicle's interior.
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