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Chevy Aveo RS Concept: Chevy's New Small Car

The current Chevy Aveo? We're not big fans. Generally, we think that every day GM pushes that car out to the public it fundamentally flubs what could be a great customer interaction point with a lot of buyers. For many, the Aveo will be the first experience buyers have with the company and -- from talking to dozens of them over the last few years -- we know a good number of them who say it will be their last.

In order to stem this problem, Chevy is hard at work at a new Aveo, which you see manifested in this "show car" Aveo RS that's debuting at the Detroit Auto Show.
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Chevy Aveo RS Concept: A Real Car

Don't believe the hype that this is just a show car. GM insiders have said to us that "other than the mirrors, door handles, wheels and perhaps some of the grille venting, this is pretty close to what we want the next Aveo to look like." We hope that the wheels and grille become production standards (the mirrors and door handles aren't bad, but we know they're probably too much of a show car fantasy for us to get excited about). GM is serious about small cars (check out their Cruze that they launched in LA -- it's bigger than this Aveo but is an indication of them wanting to put value in small cars for perhaps for the first time in the company's history).
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Chevy Aveo RS Concept: Sporty And Small

This Aveo RS concept won't be the cheapy, garden variety Aveo that you'll see in a few years, though. The RS line is an upmarket trim that Chevy carefully selected for the first view at this new Aveo.

It comes equipped with a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, massive 19-inch wheels (that fill up the wheels wells rather beautifully, don't you think?), super-sized brake calipers and a six-speed manual gearbox.
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Chevy Aveo RS Concept: Design That Makes Us Think...Not Of An Aveo

Besides the large wheels, beautiful and big grille and the aggressive stance, we're impressed by some of the finer details of this thing. The front and rear light "glass" (plastic, in reality) is quite stunning. Inside, the interior could have used a bit of editing (it's not a paragon of restraint, but GM is trying to really point everyone's eyes to how much better this interior is than the current model's), but the blue lighting throughout is great.
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Chevy Aveo RS Concept: The Next Aveo

The new Aveo will go on sale as a 2012 model and production will start in 2011 in Michigan. Pricing is expected to stay in the low to mid teens for most models, although an example such as the RS will likely be somewhere north of $15,000 (and probably closer to $20,000) should it go on sale. Which, by the way, GM won't confirm.
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