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Cars in these colors are more likely to be discounted

Sometimes a paint color can be the difference between a used car getting a discount or not. It’s pretty straightforward, really. Certain colors repel car buyers, whereas other attract. The website iSeeCars decided to do a study to see which colors will land you a better used-car deal, and which colors might take you in the opposite direction.

The data is presented in percentage format. For a car to be seen as a "good deal" in this study, it needed to sell for at least 10 percent less than average market value. The study analyzed more than 4.1 million cars, so the dataset was pretty large. Click on the slide to begin the slideshow.

Chevy Corvette Information

Chevy Corvette
  • Image Credit: BMW

1. Beige

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Beige: 24.3 percent more likely to have a deal

Turns out, buying a car with a boring car color actually can come back to bite you. The car color most likely to be sold at a discount is beige. Interestingly enough, many manufacturers don’t even offer beige anymore, but we managed to find a BMW in a fairly fancy version of the muted color. Overall, it ranks as the ninth most popular color for cars. Compared to other colors, it’s significantly more likely to offer a substantial discount.

Most folks just aren’t thrilled to buy a beige car ... unless it’s a supercar. We could be convinced by a beige McLaren.

BMW X4 Information

  • Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

2. Gold

Gold: 15.8 percent more likely to have a deal

Your gold car isn’t going to be so golden when you go to resell it.

That said, gold is a color that can make the right car look legitimately desirable, depending on the shade. This gold G-Wagen isn’t as bright as some G-Wagens you might see on the road, but it’s still enough to turn our heads. Just like beige, gold isn't a particularly popular color for new cars, so you might find one at a discount if it's been sitting on the lot for a while.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Information

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen
  • Image Credit: Ford

3. Silver

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Silver: 13.7 percent more likely to have a deal

It’s good to see one of the most popular car colors is one you’re more likely to see a discount on. There are countless shades of silver offered these days, especially from German manufacturers. Ford just happened to introduce silver shade to the GT350R this year, shown above. In this study, iSeeCars says that silver is the third most popular color that folks own, but the amount of discounted cars is still sizable, leading us to wonder if some silver cars may see discounts because they’re found in such high quantities. No matter what dealer lot you walk onto, chances are high that you’ll find a silver car sitting among the scrum.

Ford Mustang Information

Ford Mustang
  • Image Credit: Toyota

4. Black

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Black: 4.4 percent more likely to have a deal

Now we’re getting into a gray area when it comes to discounts. At only 4.4 percent more likely to feature a deal, black cars are a bit of a wash in the sale department. Black cars are always tricky to deal with, as they require much more work to clean and maintain than any other color out there. Still, it remains one of the most popular car colors.

Toyota Supra Information

Toyota Supra
  • Image Credit: Porsche

5. Brown

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Brown: 3.3 percent more likely to have a deal

Brown cars aren’t super popular, outside the occasional “brown, diesel, manual wagon” stereotype. However, we think brown can be a great option if it’s the right shade on the right car. Difficultly in finding the right buyer may be to blame for a decent number of them receiving discounts. We found a slick Panamera Sport Turismo in a dark brown that would excite us if it was parked in our driveway.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Information

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo
  • Image Credit: Dodge

6. Gray

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Gray: 2.8 percent more likely to have a deal

Your morning commute probably consists of a sea of gray crossovers, and it looks like gray is pretty much neutral when it comes to getting a deal or not. Manufacturers are getting more creative with their shades of grays these days, with many offering some form of primer or chalk-like gray paint. These shades can be especially enticing on sports cars, but still aren’t the norm.

Dodge Durango Information

Dodge Durango
  • Image Credit: Alfa Romeo

7. Blue

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Blue: 2.7 percent more likely to have a deal

Here’s a shade we can get behind. There's a huge number of blue cars out there, and among the ho-hum hues are some really good ones. Grabber Blue, Misano Blue, Yas Marina Blue and Miami Blue are all shades we know and love fondly. Perhaps many of the discounted blue cars are boring vehicles in a generic navy. According to iSeeCars, blue is the seventh most popular car color right now.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Information

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider
  • Image Credit: Twitter

8. Pink

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Pink: 1 percent more likely to have a deal

We imagine this one can go either way. Some pink cars may need heavy discounts to sell, while others may go for a premium. Regardless, the sample size of pink cars must have been considerably lower than all the other colors — we don’t see many pink cars these days, and those that we were probably special orders.

Cadillac XT5 Information

Cadillac XT5
  • Image Credit: Ferrari

9. Yellow

Yellow: 1.9 percent less likely to have a deal

Now we move to the other side of the spectrum with cars that become more expensive due to their color. First on the list is yellow, another somewhat controversial color. Not many cars are offered in this shade, with the vast majority of them being sports cars. Still, we love a good yellow car here at Autoblog, and would gladly pay for one if it was worth the price.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Information

Ferrari 812 Superfast
  • Image Credit: Audi

10. Green

Green: 2.9 percent less likely to have a deal

A solid British Racing Green will always look good to us. However, chances are high you’ll be paying a little more than a similar car with a silver exterior. On the spectrum of popularity, green ranks 10th overall, giving it a slight air of rarity. We’d probably fork out a few extra bucks for a sweet green paint job, so we don’t blame car sellers for asking a little bit extra.

Audi RS5 Sportback Information

Audi RS5 Sportback
  • Image Credit: Ford

11. White

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White: 3.5 percent less likely to have a deal

Here’s a popular color that tends to cost a little bit more than others. Almost every car model available offers white paint as an option, and we’re not surprised given its ability to command more money. One potential reason for the lack of discounted white vehicles is that white is abundant in the pickup market. Trucks are among the least likely of all models to be discounted, possibly skewing the data a bit in this case.

Ford F-150 Information

Ford F-150
  • Image Credit: Toyota

12. Teal

Teal: 4.4 percent less likely to have a deal

We’re featuring a teal Prius C here, but sports cars are the likely culprit for this result. Bright colors like teal tend to show up on more exotic models, which may not be as likely to offer a big discount than less exciting passenger cars. The low supply of teal cars in general could also be enough to result in fewer discounts as more people seek out the color.

Toyota Prius C Information

Toyota Prius C
  • Image Credit: Mazda

13. Red

Red: 5.4 percent less likely to have a deal

Despite the wide array of reds available out there, it’s always a flashy and desirable color. Sports cars are popular in red, but darker shades can often be found on daily drivers. Additionally, iSeeCars says the pickup truck problem applies here. Just like white, red is a super popular color for trucks, meaning fewer of those vehicles will be discounted anyway.

Mazda 3 Information

Mazda 3
  • Image Credit: BMW

14. Purple

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Purple: 14.9 percent less likely to have a deal

No, there aren’t many purple cars in the world. But yes, we want them all. Purple cars are rare to find, which means folks may believe they can ask for a little extra on top. In many cases, that’s true. Take the BMW M8 Gran Coupe above. We’d rock that color and be especially happy doing it, too. Just be prepared to fork out a few extra bucks when it comes to signing on that bottom line.

BMW M8 Gran Coupe Information

BMW M8 Gran Coupe
  • Image Credit: Acura

15. Orange

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Orange: 20.4 percent less likely to have a deal

Slightly less rare than purple, orange paint clearly costs more. According to this study, orange is much less likely to get you a discount than any other color. The lesson here? Maybe aim for the orange option if you’re buying new. It could lead to a higher sum of money if you eventually decide to sell the car. Plus, how can an orange car in your driveway be anything but pleasant?

Acura NSX Information

Acura NSX
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