• There you have it, after being soundly trounced in our GM/Chrysler Battle Royale, the Pentastar fights back by slapping the Camaro around at SEMA. We've only compared a few official concepts of these pony cars, but can tell you that the show floor at SEMA is littered with customer Challengers. Since the Camaro is not on sale yet, the only custom ones can be found in GM's own display. Credit goes to Chrysler here for making the most of SEMA and putting the Challenger's best foot forward here.
#3: Camaro Black vs. Challenger Blacktop
  • #3: Camaro Black vs. Challenger Blacktop
  • Having a blacked-out version of your car at SEMA is almost cliché at this point. You tint the windows, swap in some black wheels and take off the shine with matte black paint and, voila, you've got a car that will inevitably be referred to by someone as "Darth Vader's ride". We found the Camaro Black (full gallery) stuck with this strategy closely, and was the only official Camaro concept at SEMA sporting a V6 rather than a V8. The Challenger Blacktop (full gallery), however, earned style points for its blacked-out 22-inch Viper wheels, black on black striping, unique front and rear spoilers and, most importantly, a 5.7L V8 to make it sound as sinister as it looks.

    Advantage: Challenger Blacktop

#2: Camaro GS vs. Challenger Targa
  • #2: Camaro GS vs. Challenger Targa
  • What a coincidence that both Chevy and Dodge brought along official race versions of their muscle cars to SEMA this year. Both are serious competitors, with the Challenger Targa (full gallery) starting life as a Mopar drag race package car and upgraded with hardcore performance parts taken almost entirely from the Mopar catalogue. Its 392 HEMI V8 crate motor is churning out 540 hp and 490 lb-ft of torque. Oh, but then there's the Camaro GS (full gallery). Yes, we're absolutely smitten with the blue-and-yellow livery inspired by Mark Donahue's '69 Trans Am car. And while the LS3 V8 underhood is bone stock, the body is seam-welded and the trunk, hood, doors and fenders made of carbon fiber. It may be down on power to the Challenger Targa, but the Camaro GS strikes us as the more serious racer. In fact, it's actually an early prototype for the Grand Am Koni Challenge GS racing class, which means we'll soon see it competing for real.

    Advantage: Camaro GS

#1: Camaro LS7 vs. Challenger SRT10
  • #1: Camaro LS7 vs. Challenger SRT10
  • Our first smackdown matchup is less a battle between the Camaro and Challenger than it is between GM Performance Part's LS7 crate motor and the 8.4L V10 behemoth that powers the Viper SRT10. The Camaro LS7 Concept (full gallery) employs the former tuned to 550 hp and the Challenger SRT10 (full gallery - official | live) uses a bone stock version of the latter making 600 hp. With all due respect to the LS small block and its storied heritage, there is, as they say, no replacement for displacement.

    Advantage: Challenger SRT10

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