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Hottest Cars and Trucks in America

While just short of setting records, new car sales in 2016 have been brisk. Cheap gas, easy financing, and good overall consumer confidence have helped automakers move millions of vehicles off showroom floors and into driveways across America.

If you've been paying attention for the last three decades, you probably already know what the best-selling vehicle in America will be in 2016. But there may be a few surprises after that.

Since 2016 hasn't officially come to a close yet, final sales numbers aren't yet known. But with 11 out of 12 months fully accounted for, the finishing order is likely set. Without further ado, click to the next slide to get started.

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Number 1: Ford F-Series

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This won't come as a surprise. The Ford F-Series lineup, which includes the F-150 and its brawnier Super Duty siblings, is still the best-selling vehicle in America, and by a comfortable margin of more than 200,000 units over the second-place finisher.

Ford F-150 Information

Ford F-150
  • Image Credit: Chevrolet

Number 2: Chevy Silverado

Again, seeing the Chevy Silverado in second position to the Ford F-Series has become old hat. Still, Chevrolet sold well over half a million fullsize pickup trucks in 2016, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Remember, too, that General Motors also sells the GMC Sierra line of trucks, which share most of their mechanical parts with the Chevy Silverado. With their sales added together, GM's pickup twins run neck-and-neck with their competition from Ford.

Chevrolet Silverado Information

Chevrolet Silverado
  • Image Credit: Ram

Number 3: Ram Truck

Ram lives as a standalone division under the FCA North America umbrella. Nearly all of its sales are fullsize pickup trucks, starting with the 1500 model and continuing into Heavy Duty territory from there. FCA's Ram has been the third-best-selling vehicle line for the last few years and remains so in 2016.
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Number 4: Toyota Camry

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Once you get past the three big American pickup trucks, Japanese sedans and crossovers begin to dominate the best-selling vehicle list. And the top-selling sedan in America is, as it has been for several years, the Toyota Camry.

Sales of the Camry have trended downward in 2016. Through the month of November, Toyota's 355,000 Camry sales amount to nearly a 10-percent decline when compared to the previous year. That's a reflection of changing consumer tastes, as crossovers take over as the family vehicle of choice in the United States.

Toyota Camry Information

Toyota Camry
  • Image Credit: Toyota

Number 5: Toyota Corolla

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Sneaking in just behind the Toyota Camry is the Toyota Corolla. Toyota lumps a few models in with Corolla sales that you might not expect, such as the model that used to be called the Scion iM.

Toyota Corolla Information

Toyota Corolla
  • Image Credit: AOL

Number 6: Honda Civic

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The Civic will very likely end 2016 as Honda's best-selling vehicle. That's probably not going to happen in 2017, as more and more buyers choose small crossovers over small sedans and hatchbacks. Want proof? Click over to the next slide.

Honda Civic Information

Honda Civic
  • Image Credit: Honda

Number 7: Honda CR-V

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In November of 2016, Honda sold 25,758 CR-Vs. That's just a bit more than the 25,303 Civic models sold. But that fails to take into account that the CR-V got a complete redesign for 2017, and units are just now hitting dealerships. Expect the CR-V to leapfrog the Civic in sales next year.

Honda CR-V Information

Honda CR-V
  • Image Credit: ERIC THAYER / Reuters

Number 8: Toyota RAV4

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The Toyota RAV4 is one of the vehicles that kicked off the compact crossover segment in America. And it's been extremely popular ever since, standing as Toyota's third-best-selling model and the eighth-best-selling vehicle overall.

Toyota RAV4 Information

Toyota RAV4
  • Image Credit: Autoblog / AOL

Number 9: Honda Accord

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The Honda Accord breaks up the crossover party, sliding into the ninth best-selling slot in America for 2016. We expect the Accord to maintain its place in Honda's sales lineup, just behind the CR-V and Civic.

Honda Accord Information

Honda Accord
  • Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Number 10: Nissan Rogue

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Is it any surprise that the tenth-best-selling vehicle in America is another crossover? More buyers choose the Rogue than any other model from Nissan, though the midsize Altima sedan is close.

That rounds out our list of the 10 Best-Selling Vehicles of 2016. The trend, as you can see, is for pickup trucks and utility vehicles to continue overtaking smaller sedans in nearly every automaker's lineup. We expect more of the same in 2017.

Nissan Rogue Information

Nissan Rogue
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